Bible Study Guide for All Ages - Unit 1

Bible Study Guide for All Ages - Unit 1

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It is for the teacher who is not using age-specific Student Pages. The Student Pages have their own Teacher Guides/Teacher Keys. The Unit Teacher’s Guide is a general guide and can therefore be adapted to virtually all ages. Students who are being led with the Unit Teacher’s Guide simply use their Bibles.

The guide is a three-ringed binder. It contains 104 simple lesson guides like the one shown below. It also contains drills, games, simple visuals, maps, study helps and more that help you make the study interactive and memorable. There are four Unit Teacher’s Guides in all (sold individually), totaling 416 lessons and covering the entire Bible.

A very comprehensive and usable program for gaining Bible knowledge. The program consists of four units, each with 104 lessons. Units are neither strictly chronological nor strictly topical, but are devised to cover aspects of the Old Testament and the New Testament, while putting events in historical perspective. The program uses a wide variety of methods to help us remember the stories, including mapwork, drawing stick-figure pictures of the Bible stories, review of previous lessons, and drill of important facts. This course is designed to be led by a teacher and is not self-instructional. Lessons require little preparation time, since the drill, review, scripture texts, explanation of terms, questions, mapwork, timeline placement, songs, memory verses, and prayer suggestions are all on one page and story visuals are available for each lesson. However, as with any lesson, preparation will make for a better presentation. It should be noted that this is a very complete guide for your family Bible study and the program can be done simply and thoroughly from just these guides. While any version of the Bible can be used with the Units, the Student Pages use the vocabulary of the NIV.

Additional but extra-cost aids include Student Pages, Teacher Guides/Answer Keys, the Wall Maps and Time Line Packet, the Beginner Time Line, Children's A Cappella Song CD, the Picture Names and Label Packets, and Teacher Visuals.

Student Pages for the Beginner level (age 3-grade K), Primary (grades 1-2) Intermediate (grades 3-4), and Advanced (grades 5-6) help students visualize and interact with the lessons. Each set of student pages contains 26 lessons, which are similar in format between levels. Beginner level activity sheets include memory work, time line activities (which reference the Beginner Time Line), activities to become familiar with the structure of the Bible, pictorial representations of Bible stories, and Bible study application. Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced student pages include comprehension activities, more advanced memory work, map and timeline work (using the Wall Maps/Time Line packet), activities for interacting with Bible stories, and Bible lesson application. While the use of the Wall Maps/Time Line and Beginner Time Line is referenced in the material, small time lines and maps are included with the lesson pages. The Primary Teacher Guide (spiral-bound) is necessary in order to use the Primary student pages because it provides lesson plans along with the answer key. The Intermediate and Advanced Teacher Keys provide answers and suggestions for using the Wall Maps and Time Line. While helpful, these would not be absolutely necessary if the teacher was comfortable with determining the answers. Both the Student Pages and the Teacher Keys have a very minimal binding and it's obvious the pages are meant to be removed as they are used.

The CD consistently gets nice reviews from customers, and contains all the music used in the program. The mix of common children's songs with less popular songs and a variety of action songs will provide a nice accompaniment to your Bible study. Other maps, visuals, and charts are helpful and add a nice visual component to your studies.

Category Description for Bible Study Guide for All Ages:

Comprehensive, teacher-student interactive study of the Old and New Testament, the Bible Study Guide for All Ages meets the needs of families or classrooms using a wide variety of teaching methods: drills, interactive lessons, map/timeline work and more. Rather than taking a strictly chronological or topical approach, this program takes a historical perspective and connects the Old Testament and New Testament into one big picture of God’s story. The program is non-denominational and can be used with the Bible version of your choice.

Beginning with an outline of Biblical history, the first thirty lessons examine the lives of Joseph, Daniel, and Jesus. For this reason, it is recommended the units be completed in order. Once children gain an overview of the main idea of the Bible-story, the gaps are filled-in with more depth and understanding. The optional, but highly recommended Timeline helps children fully grasp the chronology of the Bible.

Flexible for your learning needs, the program offers two pathways. Purchase the Unit Teacher Guide (104 lessons) without Student Pages for a discussion-based study. While this may take more teacher prep, all you need is the Unit Guide and a Bible. The Guide contains everything you need for teaching: program philosophy and instructions, lessons, game suggestions, reproducible student resources and more. The second path is divided into 4 different levels: Beginners for 3 years to Kindergarten; Primary for grades 1-2, Intermediate for grades 3-4, and Advanced for grades 5-6. Teens and adults should use the all-in-one Unit Teacher Guide to guide them through the Bible text, review and memory work, application, and the timeline/map work.

Both pathways follow the same plan of study, however, are not exactly aligned. Because of this, you will need to decide to use either the Unit Teacher Guide or the leveled programs with Student Pages and Teacher Key/Guide.

Families choosing to use the leveled programs (Beginner, Primary, Intermediate or Advanced), will need the Student pages. The Teacher Key is optional, but helpful in the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, as the student pages guide you through the daily lesson. If you use the optional Wall Maps and Time Line, the Teacher Key is necessary, as it includes instructions for use. For the Primary level, the Student Pages and Teacher Guide are required, as it is designed to bridge the gap between readers and non-readers. Following this pathway, you will not need the all-in-one Unit Teacher Guide. Lessons 1-104 have been updated this year and feature new covers and a slightly smaller size. Content is the same, but the editions have a different organization.

All student materials have black and white, cartoon illustrations throughout the lessons. Textual information increases from level to level, yet the Advanced level still retains plenty of the black and white illustrations. While the program is designed to use with the Bible version of your choice, the Student Pages use the vocabulary of the New International Version, though other versions can be used with minimal difficulty. Student pages for the Beginner level (ages 3-5), Intermediate levels (ages 6-8), and Advanced (ages 9-11) help students visualize and interact with the lessons. Each set of student pages contains 26 lessons. Beginner level activity sheets include memory work, timeline activities (which reference the Beginner Timeline), activities to become familiar with the structure of the Bible, pictorial representations of Bible stories and Bible study application. More advanced student pages include comprehension activities, more advanced memory work, map and time line work (using the Wall Maps/Timeline packet), activities for interacting with Bible stories, and Bible lesson application. Whether you chose the Unit or Level approach, there are optional, helpful teaching resources that are referenced in the teaching material.

Optional resources include: Bible Book Summary Cards, Children’s A Cappella Song CD, Teacher Visuals, and the Wall-Maps & Time- Line packet (or the Beginner Timeline).

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Bible Study Guide for All Ages
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I chose this Bible Study Guide so I can teach all five of my children the same lesson about the bible on their level without having to purchase several different items.
Bridgette B on Jan 27, 2023
I wanted an inclusive bible study program with a guide for me to use.
Laura G on Apr 21, 2021
I chose this Bible Study Guide so I can teach all five of my children the same lesson about the bible on their level without having to purchase several different items.
Bridgette B on Jan 27, 2023
I'm very excited to go through this entire set with my children. They are very smart in the Bible already, but I'm wanting to instill more into their little minds. I have the student pages also.
Leslie K on Aug 1, 2021
I wanted an inclusive bible study program with a guide for me to use.
Laura G on Apr 21, 2021
It was mentioned in a review of a different Bible curriculum. So I checked it out and decided to try it.
Anna T on Nov 8, 2020
To help their grandmother with her weekly bible study.
CHERYL M on Aug 26, 2020
It's something I can use with my entire family.
Karen G on Aug 19, 2020
Great bible study lessons. Really sticks to the bible and does not add extra attitude.
Crystal E on Dec 27, 2017
I like that it has work pages for different grades in each lesson.
User on Aug 3, 2016
I'm very excited to go through this entire set with my children. They are very smart in the Bible already, but I'm wanting to instill more into their little minds. I have the student pages also.
Leslie K on Aug 1, 2021
It was mentioned in a review of a different Bible curriculum. So I checked it out and decided to try it.
Anna T on Nov 8, 2020
Need Non-reading level worksheet for Lessons 40-52?
A shopper on Aug 31, 2021
BEST ANSWER: In the back of this folder is the "Visuals" section. Why not just copy the visuals for those lessons and let your non-reader color them. That should work as a worksheet. Hopefully I understood your question right. Personally, we do this more like a Bible study and don't do any worksheets with it.
What topics are covered in each unit?
A shopper on Aug 15, 2020
BEST ANSWER: You can see the order of study at their website Biblestudyguide(dot)com on the "Order of Study" link (sorry I can't link directly through rainbow resource) and under the FAQ section is an explanation of why it follows that order. I like that it includes both Old Testament and New Testament in each year, but that it doesn't skip around so much as to be confusing like some other study plans.
What is the difference between the units?
A shopper on Mar 15, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Each unit picks up where the last one left off. For example unit 1 may cover Matthew and Exodus. The next unit may go through Mark and Leviticus or Deuteronomy.
Do I need to buy this guide if I buy the primary level teachers guide?
A shopper on Oct 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The Unit Guides are the heart of the Bible Study Guide for All Ages program. This Guide provides the lessons which include the drill, review, scripture texts, explanation of terms, questions, mapwork, timeline placement, songs, memory verses, prayer suggestions, and story visuals.

Student Pages help students visualize and interact with the lessons. The Primary Teacher Guide (spiralbound) is necessary in order to use the Primary student pages because it provides lesson plans along with the answer key.

The Student Pages with just the Primary Teacher Guide might be adequate for the young primary level but the Unit Guides will provide more content for older students or multi-age students.
What comes with the teacher's guide? Is this for all four levels (3-K, 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6)?
A shopper on Jan 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, the Teacher's Guide includes all four levels and provides lessons which incorporate the questions and discussion points for each level.
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Rated 5 out of 5
I am currently using this product in my homeschool and it is excellent If you want your child or family to truly learn the Bible how to use the Bible and how to dig into the Bible as the only spiritual guide for life then this is the product that will do so Can you imagine your child being able to name the basic content of every book in the Bible? Or be able to name what time period the Exodus took place? This is just a sampling of what Bible Study Guide for All Ages offers The program teaches the entire scope of the Bible in just 146 lessons
February 19, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5
Teaching children to know God's Word and apply it can often seem overwhelming especially if they are twelve nine seven four and two like ours How can the entire family be on the same page literally when it comes to God's Word with each child eagerly interacting with the text? Bible Study Guide for All Ages attempts to accomplish this for churches schools and individual families Our family began using this curriculum by simply reading at least one chapter from the Bible a day answering questions about the text recalling information from previous lessons reciting Bible drills referencing a map or timeline for context and responding to the text with an application question All of the information I needed as the teacher was primarily found on one page for each lesson The layout for each lesson is as follows: topic with Scripture reference Drill work (this encompasses Bible knowledge every Christian should be familiar with Ten Commandments the Apostles Seven days of Creation OT and NT books arranging Bible characters in chronological order and also incorporates finding passages quickly and underlining key events or people for quick reference) Review questions from previous lessons Text reference to read aloud Additional Scriptures used to prepare for the lesson According to the Dictionary (defines unfamiliar people or concepts and further explains passages in context which is very helpful for the teacher) Questions on the passage read Map work Timeline placement song ideas from the CD an Application question prayer focus and a reminder to use the stick figure visual While we did not use every component every day this guide gave us a framework from which we could study God's Word together Most days we would spend time on memory work and singing (which was not necessarily from the guide) drill work review of previous lessons read the text answer questions reference a map application discussion and prayer During our second year using the curriculum we added the student pages We found that they did a great job of reviewing lessons and provided the maps and timelines we previously had not spent much time on Normally each lesson took us two days to completely cover sometimes reading the passage both days Doing three different levels of student pages proved frustrating at times I would recommend keeping as many students on the same level as possible unless you plan for them to do them on their own The upper two levels Intermediate and Advanced are most alike and students could easily use the same level either moving up or down The Beginner level pages were just right for my first grader as we reviewed them together Each lesson gave suggestions for memory drill review application with a simple story and picture to color and on the back side the Scripture text was retold in cartoon block form All three levels used similar cartoon blocks on the back side which provided review and a way for students to interact with the text They were given instructions to fill in blanks circle X out or color certain people/things and give short answers to questions all on the cartoon These were very well done and helped us recall important information Additional helps are available; some we used consistently while others may not be necessary The Bible Summary Cards were very helpful and the front side provided a quiet coloring opportunity for my older children while I read the Scripture passage The intent of the summary cards is to trip the memory with a picture for every Bible book Each Bible student will become knowledgeable on the theme and key events/people for the books of the Bible The back side provides questions to help trigger the memory as well We purchased the timeline and maps but did not use them finding the maps and timelines in the student pages to be adequate The manual also provides visual aids for drill work and lesson review (stick figure drawings for the teacher to recreate) additional Bible facts for the teacher two blank maps tons of games and alternate visual aid ideas A family can easily cover one of four guides in a year The author chose not to order the lessons chronologically "so students will have an opportunity to study great spiritual truths as faith love salvation worship the church sin etc in each unit" You could possibly rearrange the units to study them chronologically However this would require an expensive purchase of all four units and student pages if you choose to use them Individually the price for each unit is reasonable If your family places a high value on studying the Bible together Bible Study Guide for All Ages will provide more than enough structure to accomplish this goal Our youngest children did not always stay engaged throughout the entire lesson but our objective was also to develop the discipline of sitting quietly We provided quiet activities for them while reading aloud the passage and working on student pages They enjoyed participating in memory work and singing but usually needed something to keep them busy otherwise Additionally I would read from a child's story Bible when appropriate The author provides numerous ideas for the varying learning styles that exist The teacher would have to determine how much time he/she is willing to spend in using additional ideas My teacher prep time included reading the passages for two lessons answering the questions in pencil in my guide pulling out the suggested Bible Summary card(s) and copying any visual aids for drill work We choose our own memory work and copied them onto index cards but suggested Scriptures for memorization are included in the drill work with memory aids all ready to assemble (cut windows/flaps on one page and glue on top of another that displays answers beneath the flaps) Like any new curriculum there is a learning curve We pick and choose what works for us on any given day and slowly add in additional ideas as we become comfortable with those already in use The only thing missing--answers to student pages especially map or timeline work An atlas and Bible dictionary usually provided answers we needed but not everyone has them at their disposal Overall we are excited to have found a "Bible Study Guide for All Ages" and recommend it wholeheartedly
August 20, 2009
Rated 5 out of 5
I have looked for years for a program that would work for our 4 kids (now 10 8 6 4) This is an AMAZING program! We use the new student sheets and we have all 3 levels going at once! The kids LOVE it and actually ASK to do the Bible lesson! The way the information is taught they really retain it The CD is well worth it they learned the 12 sons of Jacob within a week It is easy to teach no prep work unless you do the map and time-line work and then all you have to do is cut the names out Our 4 year old now can tell us the divisions of the New Testament and the 4 Gospels And it's all without lots of drilling We are to lesson 12 and we started with Joseph's dreams and we just finished Jacob moving to Egypt They seem to break the stories up a lot more than I grew up with so the kids are able to learn more details without it feeling like details I have tried other programs but have not found any that would work with all four at once This one does!!! I am sold when I have 3 boys in my house come up and volunteer to do school work and even get upset if I tell them we can't right then I don't think I can say how much we have learned from this I have attended church my whole life and I have learned so much from these 12 lessons! I can't imagine what knowledge we'll all have after 4 years Lastly the books of the Bible cards are a must!!! Each card is a book and they tell the main ideas of what the book is about They are really wonderful
October 24, 2008
Rated 5 out of 5
I just found this resource perusing the catalog and have been so pleased I was wanting a serious Bible knowledge program and this is it but in a gentle and fun format that also includes plenty of prompts for spiritual growth and application My 7yo daughter asks to do Bible study first each day! The lessons are thorough but hold her attention We do the review questions I read the passage ask the given questions from the teacher's manual and then we do the worksheet She enjoys following the directives for coloring in the pages We label the timeline and maps as guided by the TM We close with the application section and prayer Our lessons last 45 minutes The worksheet books are only bound with an adhesive kind of spine which caused the pages to come out (which could be ok if you wanted to use them that way) but since I wanted to keep them together which is excellent for when we review I took them to Kinko's and had them spiral bound for $350 each Well worth itThe only prep work I have done for using this curriculum is at the beginning laminating and cutting the items for the timeline and maps getting the books bound and mounting the timeline and maps I stapled the timeline and maps to foam core boards since I don't have wall space so that way we can slide them behind the piano when we are not using them The Instructor's Manual is straightforward and easy to use I just open it up to the lesson for the day and begin It includes lots of game and activity ideas as well as some activity sheets they would take some extra prep time although I've gotten an idea or two to use just waiting for my daughter to find her crayons I didn't even notice that the answers weren't given because they are all right there in the Bible text for the lesson and due to her age I am participating fully We have only used the CD occasionally but the few songs we've incorporated have been wonderful The songs are very short so I put the CD player on repeat which is helpful I don't write many reviews but this resource was one I couldn't help tellling others about!
March 7, 2008
Rated 5 out of 5
We came across these guides nine years ago and I highly recommend them I believe they were originally intended to be used twice a week in Bible classes There are 104 lessons in each guide so if you do two a week you will finish each one in a year Each lesson takes us about an hour to complete We do the review questions read the text answer questions timeline work map work and discuss what we've learned I can't stress enough the value of using the review questions in each and every lesson Everywhere we've been I've been praised for how much Bible my older children know There are even more components to each lesson that we choose not to do mostly because of time restraints I have used these guides to teach my children teen Bible classes and ladies Bible classes I personally have learned a lot by using the maps and timelines Other women and teens have also commented on how much those aides have helped them The answers are not given in the manuals so I write in the answers as we study each lesson Eventually we started using what are called the classic pages (Those will soon be done away with as they have made newer and more cartoony looking pages) When they got too old for those pages I started typing the questions out for them to answer along with a "what did you learn and how can you apply it to your life" question I find my 16 and 17 year olds retain more when they have to write their answers down Our younger children are now ages 3 5 and 7 I am getting ready to get them started on the series I know that Donald and Mary Baker say that these studies can be started with 3 year olds but I personally believe these lessons are very rich in Bible teaching and I decided to work on introducing Old and New Testament people and events to my younger children until they were ready for this more in depth study
June 15, 2007
Rated 5 out of 5
I've used this product off and on again for various years At first I copied the visual pages from the teacher manuals and made little flip books to cover the lessons with my oldest (4 yog) We would read the story and then do the worksheet the next day We stopped after a year as she had problems with her fine motor skills and we wanted to concentrate on something else Her Bible knowledge at this point was impressive! The CD with the songs really helped as she knew the sons of Jacob and many adults don't know them We later started again - without making those books (less work for Mom!) and just read from the Bible and discussed My oldest (8 yo now) does the worksheets herself (we now use the new sheets-not the classic) independently She does use a Bible Atlas as a resource I summarize/paraphrase the story for my youngest (5 yo) and then we do the sheet together (again she knows the 12 sons of Jacob) We stopped using these sheets over the summer while we were moving and both girls asked to do them againI now do not use the teacher guide The new sheets have the review questions on them which is what I used the teacher's guide for The Teacher's guide does have supplemental information - which is very nice but I just don't have time unless there is a question Time for us to use this is limited to reading the Bible story for the oldest (Scripture reference is listed on each worksheet) find the Bible Atlas and the oldest works alone The youngest (on the same story) - I spend probably 10-15 minutes retelling the story and doing the worksheet with her (she can't read well enough to do it independently)I think this is easy to use for us We want just plain Bible teaching - not doctrines of men If you want that and are willing to encourage your children to read the Bible and actually do the worksheets (and sing some of the knowledge songs (sons of Jacob kings of Israel) they will have a good factual Bible knowledge I don't do any teacher prep work (anymore) and the kids seem to be doing fine We started using this in our Bible classes for church and it is working well The kids < 5yo especially seem to be remembering more of the lessonsBe aware this series isn't chronological It switches back and forth between the OT and NT My kids haven't had a problem with that though On occasion one of the review questions on the sheet hasn't been covered yetAnother item to consider is that they don't have an answer guide - so your Bible knowledge either needs to be very good - or you need to do a sheet with your child! The answers for the review questions are Scripture references
July 27, 2006

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