Multiply and Divide Three-Corner Flash Cards

Multiply and Divide Three-Corner Flash Cards

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Grades: 3-5

Category Description for Three Corner Flash Cards:

You won't have to "corner" your kids to learn their beginning math skills when you use these flash cards! These sets come with forty-six, two-sided, 5" triangle shaped cards. On each side, there are three numbers (one in each corner) that are two different colors. To use, you simply cover one of the numbers with your hand. Then you work on the equation that is revealed. The best part is that the cards are self-checking as the answer is the number you just covered up with your hand! Both sets cover facts through twelve. The cards come in a sturdy storage box and are made out of a durable cardstock. An instruction card is included, which outlines several fun activities. Great for home, school, or travel! - elise

Category Description for BJU Press Curriculum:

We are pleased to be able to distribute BJU Press curriculum to our customers. Most homeschoolers are already familiar with their materials. For those who are not, BJU is a Christian university located in South Carolina that produces and markets curriculum materials for Christian schools as well as home schools. Probably the most homeschool-friendly full-curriculum supplier, they have not only accommodated homeschoolers, but have continually worked to make their materials better suited to the homeschooling family. Many of their courses now contain manuals written specifically for the home school setting, and visuals and supplemental materials have been "pared down" from the bulkier visuals still used in classrooms. While other curriculum suppliers initially frowned on distributing teacher materials to homeschoolers, and provided only expensive classroom versions, Bob Jones quickly embraced homeschoolers, readily allowing them access to teacher's editions and, eventually, producing less expensive spiral-bound or paperbound versions to save money for homeschooling families. Their materials are all top quality. They are professionally prepared, educationally sound, and Biblically-based. Used in Christian school classrooms across the country for years and constantly improved, they are courses you can trust in your homeschool as well. We have long been fans of Bob Jones curriculum materials, having used courses in almost every subject area for one child or another through the years. In our particular situation (seven children, Mom and Dad sharing in teaching as well as in running Rainbow Resource Center), a well-constructed, teacher-ready course can be a God-send. Although we have used a variety of methods and curriculums in our homeschool through the years (and continue to do so), we strongly feel that the Bob Jones materials we have used have helped to produce excellent, college-ready students. Unless you have a particularly strong aversion to textbooks of any kind, at any level, we highly recommend these materials to you.

Curriculum can be found by subject area in our catalog; see index for page numbers. A free scope and sequence is available below, with specific information by grade level.

Category Description for BJU Press Math - Elementary:

Teaching Charts contain visuals and charts important to the presentation of math concepts. Student Materials Packets contain inexpensive manipulatives to be used in the lessons. Optional activity books at some levels provide extra practice and review. The "Spread Your Wings" books are for reteaching and extra practice needed on concepts taught in the course. Useful if your student "just doesn't get it" and needs a little more exposure. "Spring Into Action" activity books provide additional practice or review beyond the problems presented in the text. "Stretch Your Mind" books require going a little beyond the textual presentation, helping students to become resourceful and explore alternate strategies to solving problems. Cumulative review pages review skills from previous lessons. Concept Review pages cover a specific concept from an earlier chapter. Fact review pages provide drill practice.

Required materials are listed first at each grade level. Optional support materials are identified with an asterisk (*) preceding the

Category Description for BJU Press Math Grade 4 (2nd Ed.):

Develops understanding of multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, geometry and pre-algebra concepts using manipulatives and plenty of practice. Reviews skills in geometry, time, measurement, money, etc. and continues to develop estimating and problem-solving skills. Includes an optional pre-algebra chapter introducing addition and subtraction of integers. Sea theme, revised for 2010.

Presentation of more complex concepts and problems in subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions, while continuing to practice earlier skills. Again, problem-solving skills are integrated in the course, developing math reasoning and judgement. Aviation theme.

Category Description for BJU Press Math:

A solid thorough curriculum at all levels. Concepts are taught at the concrete level, with heavy use of manipulatives in the early grades. Elementary program texts are particularly well done - colorful, good variety of skills, and on-grade-level. For those that want to use a more traditional, yet appealing, worktext series at the elementary level, this is perhaps the best.

Teacher editions have complete lesson plans and answers to text problems. If you are using Bob Jones as your basal math program, you will want to invest in them, as they provide the one-on-one instruction, manipulative instruction, and offer many suggestions for presenting and enriching the concepts covered in each lesson. If you are not using Bob Jones as the core of your math program, consider using the student workbooks as such. We have long used the Miquon Math series and find it very effective to use the Bob Jones workbooks alongside (plus some drill products for mastery of basic math facts). If you are planning to use a different program at upper levels, we have found the transition seamless. Bob Jones supplies student worktexts though the 4th grade. This is particularly welcome for those of us with students who are not ready for a hardbound, copy-and-work system this early. Starting in grade 5, texts are hardbound.

Many homeschoolers have opted to use Saxon Math at the upper levels, but, like any program, it doesn't satisfy everyone. If you are looking for an alternative, I suggest the Bob Jones texts. One of the strengths of the Bob Jones program is the teaching of concepts, rather than the rote how-to-solve-it approach. Also, Christian principles and character traits are assumed and integrated throughout the program. Each level is themed, providing a motivation learning context. Lessons are "spiraled", meaning topics are reviewed throughout each level, delving a little deeper each time. This is not the same as the "incremental" approach used by Saxon Math (see description). Lesson exercises consist mainly of practice for that lesson, not a review of previous lessons or chapters. However, topics are not covered, then left forever; they reappear in more complexity throughout the course, allowing the student continuing practice. The approach you prefer depends on your child. Some children may need more concentration on the topic at hand, and Bob Jones Math will appeal to this group. Like Saxon, the people at Bob Jones are ever-ready to assist you with any difficulties you may have, including access to textbook authors.

Relatively new is the revised Geometry book for grade 10. For those desiring to approach geometry as a separate course, this revised text will supply a solid option to the Jacobs text. For those students who are not interested in pursuing math beyond algebra or geometry, Bob Jones supplies a Consumer Math course that presents math required for practical living. While there is no separate calculus course, the Advanced Math text does introduce the college-bound student to calculus.


Category Description for BJU Press Math Grade 3:

Continues the use of manipulatives to introduce multiplication, division, common fractions, and decimal fractions. Practices and extends addition and subtraction skills, basic geometry, measurement, time, and money. Additional activities include estimating, calculator skills, and problem-solving. National Park theme.

In keeping with the Bob Jones' tradition of excellence, this program just got better. Math 3 has undergone a complete revision. The Student Worktext includes some new skills such as circle graphs, line plots, probability; mastery of addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts through 10; place-value of 5- and 6-digit numbers; adding and subtracting 5-digit numbers, multiplying 3-digit factors, and an introduction to long division; and geometry. The new Teacher's Edition sports a question-and-answer format rather than the old paragraph format. It has also been reduced to a single volume and includes the Teacher's CD. The Teacher's CD holds visuals, enrichment pages, fact reviews, reproducible pages, answers to review pages, and bulletin board ideas. Math 3 Reviews now have a two-page review for each lesson along with a 2-page chapter review, and a 2-page cumulative review. Tests and Answer Keys contain 2-page tests and follow the format of the Student Worktext. The Teacher's Visual Packet and Student Manipulatives Packet are updated with new art and colors. ~ Donna

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My kids are learning the multiplication facts, and it makes sense to link them with the division facts at the same time. Also, I'm sure these will last longer than ones printed on card stock with my inkjet printer.
Carly S on Mar 4, 2019
I love the concept of multiplication and division on one card...great skill for learning...placing them altogether.
Eva H on Jan 27, 2019
My kids are learning the multiplication facts, and it makes sense to link them with the division facts at the same time. Also, I'm sure these will last longer than ones printed on card stock with my inkjet printer.
Carly S on Mar 4, 2019
I purchased to assist with math fact learning.
Courtney P F on Mar 3, 2019
I love the concept of multiplication and division on one card...great skill for learning...placing them altogether.
Eva H on Jan 27, 2019
part of the curriculum
Ashley Branch on Nov 15, 2018
Just saw these and thought they may help with math drills
Rebecca on Aug 31, 2018
It is very easy for children to remember facts when they understand the relationship of the fact family!
Peggy M on Jan 23, 2018
Back to School night recommended this item for quicker memorization. This looked like a great price. Thank you!
charrisma s on Sep 14, 2017
Student is struggling with math facts and wanted to try another alternative to traditional flash cards.
User on Aug 30, 2016
We are getting set to start multiplication and division, and these unique flash cards will be great for memorization!
Jennifer T on Aug 23, 2016
Learning math facts with number families seems to click well with my kids. I love these cards!
Charlene F on Mar 23, 2016
great tool for teaching math facts
Elizabeth D on Nov 9, 2015
I purchased to assist with math fact learning.
Courtney P F on Mar 3, 2019
part of the curriculum
Ashley Branch on Nov 15, 2018
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