Saxon Phonics Program 1 Student Only

Saxon Phonics Program 1 Student Only

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Item #: 001816
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Student Sets contain an alphabet strip (block letter and D'Nealian), worksheets, letter tiles, spelling word lists, spelling sound sheets, readers, activity sheets, and irregular spelling booklet.

Category Description for Saxon Phonics:

Can Saxon repeat its unquestionable success in the math area with their relatively new foray into phonics? Only time will tell, as homeschoolers "test the waters." If you are already acquainted with Saxon's elementary math program, it will be easy for you to visualize Saxon Phonics. It is very much the same in format and in the intense, systematic, and incremental approach employed. Another similarity - and one that will be much appreciated by the novice - is the ability for a teacher with absolutely no previous experience in teaching the subject to be successful with the program. It certainly wins my vote for "easiest to teach." Every lesson is scripted - telling you just what to say when. Lessons are totally laid out for you, following the same review, incremental learning, and reinforcement approach that makes Saxon Math so effective. Any materials needed are clearly listed. Even if you've never opened a book on how to teach reading and have never heard the word "phonogram" before, you will be comfortable using Saxon Phonics.

The curriculum provides integrated reading, spelling, and writing instruction for each grade K through 2. The Home Study Kits contain everything you need (except for some around-the-home objects used primarily to illustrate letter sounds). Each grade level kit includes a Teacher Manual, Teaching Tools, and Student Materials packet. The Teacher Manual contains a program overview, teaching instructions, charts and pronunciation guides summarizing instruction covered in that level, a lesson-by-lesson list of all materials needed, reading word lists, and detailed directions for games and activities (many use the card decks provided with the program). 140 scripted lessons each provide a thorough review of previously-learned material and introduction of new skills. Prior to actual instruction is a shaded box containing a list of materials needed for the lesson, and any pre-class preparation. Daily lesson elements vary (not every lesson has all of the components mentioned below), but provide a good mix of activities appealing to all learning modalities (multisensory). Usually, lessons begin with either an Alphabet/Language Activity, or Phonemic Awareness. As you might guess, Alphabet Activities practice alphabetic skills. At K level, a full ¾ of the lessons include them. At levels 1 and 2, these activities are extended to practicing dictionary skills, including accenting and syllabication. After this introductory activity, phonics and spelling skills are reviewed, usually via flashcards and spelling exercises. New Learning presents the skill introduced in that lesson - learning new letters/sounds, spelling rules, syllabication, etc. Many of the lessons at levels 1-2 include a Boardwork section to practice these skills. Every lesson also includes worksheets constructed to reinforce newly-learned concepts and track student progress. Some lessons also include readers (that children assemble and color themselves) as direct reinforcement for phonics skills taught. Manipulatives - primarily card decks, letter tiles, and charts (all included) - are used at all levels, throughout the lessons. Assessments are incorporated into the lessons. At K level these are primarily oral. At levels 1-2, assessment lessons occur after every four regular lessons and consist of oral and written elements. Teaching Tools include Review Decks, Kid Cards, Rule Book, audio CD, and home instruction video (on DVD). The Review Deck is different at each level, corresponding to the presentation of skills at that level. Each Review Deck has a letter/letter cluster card set, a picture card set, and a spelling card set. Levels 1-2 also include a sight word deck, an affix deck, and alphabet/accent decks. These card decks are used like flashcards during instruction. Kid Cards similarly correlate to each grade level. These cards are used by both teacher and student to reinforce phonics concepts and are the basis for several games as well. Each set of Kid Cards is color-coded for easy identification. The Rule Book consists of charts of the rules taught at that level that are used as visuals during instruction. The same audio CD and home instruction DVD are included for each level, so these will be redundant if you purchase more than one level. The audio is for the teacher's use - to help you correctly pronounce each phonogram in your presentation. The DVD is also for you. It explains the method and materials used in Saxon Phonics, then shows moms and dads using the program, so you can see just how it works. Student Material Packs contain a laminated alphabet strip (block letters on one side, D'Nealian on the other), worksheets, letter tiles (K-1), spelling word lists, spelling sound sheets, readers, activity sheets (2), and irregular spelling booklet (1-2). The Packs are consumable, so you will need a pack for each child using the program.

Phonics K begins with auditory discernment skills and other reading readiness assessments. Provided the student is ready, instruction proceeds with lessons teaching each letter name, sound, and written form. One week is spent per letter, with constant review assuring retention. After just three letters are taught, the student begins to blend to create words and "unblend" to spell words (this is ideal reinforcement for phonetic instruction). After all letters are taught, instruction includes open (long) vowels, consonant digraphs, short and long "oo," "magic e," r-controlled vowels (ar, or, er), and the vc'/vc syllabication rule. Each lesson requires 30 minutes for instruction plus additional time for handwriting, worksheet, practice, assessment, and reading activities.

Phonics 1 begins with a long and short vowel sound review. It reviews all letter and letter clusters at a rate of one per day. As soon as two letters are learned, the student begins to read and spell. Lessons at this level teach consonant digraphs; suffixes; vowel digraphs; spelling rules; some syllabication rules; "magic e," final stable syllables; open vowels; y as a vowel; some trigraphs; compound words; r-controlled vowels; soft c and g; "two vowel together" rule; "wild colt" words; silent letters; some quadrigraphs; unaccented ar/or; scribal o; accents and syllable division. Reading instruction includes comprehension quizzes to insure understanding.

Phonics 2 begins with a quick review of vowels and consonants. Lessons review skills from Phonics 1 at greater depth plus include more complex digraphs, trigraphs, and quadrigraphs; sight words; French endings; prefixes; multisyllabic words; accenting; and remaining rules for syllable division. Reading comprehension skills from level 1 are reviewed, then progress to deeper levels of understanding.

At each level, phonics, spelling, and writing instruction are very complete. You will need to supply additional level-appropriate literature for children to read (as with any phonics program). In looking through the volumes, I was generally impressed with the presentation, variety of activities, and coverage. I was puzzled, however, by the choice of the word "off" to illustrate the short o sound. As a test, I asked several people to say this word from a written card. Not one said, "ahf." Most often, the "o" in this word has an "aw" sound as opposed to the "ah" sound of short o (I would have preferred "on" as the lead word!). Then, the very first word to be blended, after introducing "g," is "log." Although "lahg" may be the technically correct pronunciation, I believe "lawg," "dawg," and "frawg" to be more typically spoken. Oh, well. I guess irregularities have to be addressed at some point. I just would have put it "ahf" until the child progressed a little way through more agreeable words (I can see my child saying "Why are you talking so funny?"), and introduced it as a variation (along with frog, hog, cost, lost, toss, etc.). The beauty of homeschooling, though, is that you can modify what you want.

Bottom line - this phonics program is worth its price. Method, instruction, materials, support, ease of use - all get thumbs up. This is definitely a program that should be considered by anyone either fearful about teaching reading, or too busy to spend time researching methods or constructing lesson plans. Unless you've already decided on an approach different than the one used here, or prefer more free-form instruction, you'll probably want to consider using Saxon Phonics. Saxon will provide a free sampler of the program if you call 800-289-4490.

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Programs in this section go beyond teaching children how to read, incorporating phonetic readers, spelling and writing as well. Arranged roughly by grade/age.

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We love saxon phonics, it has made a huge difference in the foundation for learning to read.
Laura K on May 22, 2020
I used Saxon while teaching in public school and I think it will be a good fit for homeschooling my grandson because of the explicit, systematic easy to understand <br />design.
Jan A on Feb 27, 2020
We love saxon phonics, it has made a huge difference in the foundation for learning to read.
Laura K on May 22, 2020
I've used Saxon Math for years with excellent success. I'm excited to give it a chance!
Shannon R on May 2, 2020
I used Saxon while teaching in public school and I think it will be a good fit for homeschooling my grandson because of the explicit, systematic easy to understand <br />design.
Jan A on Feb 27, 2020
My granddaughter need help with phonics
Joanie D on Jan 26, 2020
i have the teachers manul need the workbook
Olga C on Oct 15, 2019
Love Saxon.
User on Aug 8, 2019
The classical Christian university model school my daughter attends uses this curriculum.
Ceri H on Jul 15, 2019
For my son's school phonics.
Susan S on Jun 25, 2019
Love Saxon Phonics!! I've used it with both my children with great success!
Christine J on Oct 1, 2018
I have been using it now for 10 children and 24 years. It works and I know it like the back of my hand.
John S on Sep 1, 2018
I have used it with all my kids and it is so easy for me and for them!
Debi B on Aug 23, 2018
We really like the Saxon phonics program. It is slow building on concepts (with lots of review) that help lock in the information.
Jennifer S on Jul 27, 2018
Teaching my 1st grader to read and love this program
Lea C on Jul 24, 2018
I love the program. It is the best Phonics program I have ever used.
Sheila B on Jun 18, 2018
free shipping
Nicole T on Mar 20, 2018
I work on math enrichment with my child at home. He had started with this curriculum at a charter school and I was able to continue using it.
Autumn H on Sep 23, 2017
Used it before and liked it.
Michelle R on Sep 7, 2017
I have been using this program with my daughter who was really struggling with reading and this has helped her greatly!
Kathleen B on Aug 26, 2017
For the private school order
Inna V on Aug 9, 2017
Excellent phonics instruction which introduces English words and pronunciations according to word families. Coding the words helps the child to identify how to pronounce the word according to the rules of phonics. My firstborn son went through this program and was not a proficient coder but he has become an excellent reader and speller perhaps due in part to the exercise of coding.
Jill O on Jul 8, 2017
Saxon phonics is a LOT of work but it is a great program. We only do year 1 with our kindergartener and then move on but it sets up such a good foundation for reading and spelling!
Rebekah B on Jan 12, 2017
Catania L on Oct 28, 2016
This was for my first grade for phonics. I believe that saxon phonics is great for teaching beginning readers. I loved it when I taught school and now use it with my kids.
Susan S on Oct 15, 2016
I've used the Saxon Phonics program for three of my children and have found it to be effective and easy to use. The kids have loved the readers and have found the flash cards to be very helpful in memorizing the letter names and the sounds the letters make.
Jennifer R on Aug 30, 2016
home school
Carl T on Aug 10, 2016
required by school
Sharee H on Jul 22, 2016
We are using this curriculum with a second child. I find it to be easy to use and thorough.
Ted C on Jul 18, 2016
I've used this before and enjoyed it. I've used other programs and have found myself returning back to this program.
User on Oct 26, 2015
To assist my grandson with his reading from school
Donna H on Oct 13, 2015
I've used Saxon Math for years with excellent success. I'm excited to give it a chance!
Shannon R on May 2, 2020
My granddaughter need help with phonics
Joanie D on Jan 26, 2020
Two questions: 1). Does this come with the readers? 2). Do I also NEED to buy the teacher manual or can this be done without it? My daughter used Saxon Phonics for K in school. I liked the approach and that she "should" be able to read the readers based on what she has learned in the lessons. She is now in 1st grade. We moved and had to switch schools. Their reading instruction is a "free for all". Not following any specific program. I was told my daughter was behind in reading. (I admit with the summer move I did not do any academics, and she definitely fell victim of the summer slide). I was thinking of getting this to "supplement" what she is doing in school. But I am not sure if I'll need the teacher manual or not, since I'm not using this as a "true homeschool" curriculum. I am also not sure if this would be too time consuming or too much for just supplementing after school. I don't want to get over my head.
A shopper on Oct 4, 2018
BEST ANSWER: They have 2 Kits available. I purchased the cheaper one. It stated it came with everything I would need. It did come with the little readers. They are on card stock and you'll need to assemble them. It also came with the teacher manual, part1 and 2 workbooks, and an alphabet strip. You 100% need the teacher manual. Without it you will not have any idea how to do the worksheets. The workbooks have no instructions and are completely useless without the teacher manuel. My disappointment with the kit that I bought is, it didn't come with the sight word cards which are quite applicable. I wish they offered the sight word cards with the kit I purchased. I like the style and the approach of it so far.
I need workbooks, is this one?
A shopper on Dec 31, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this has everything you need for one student (workbooks, flashcards, etc.) It does not come with the teacher guide.
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Great Phonics Curriculum
I was very happy to find Saxon phonics from Rainbow Resource. I used it for my first child and am now using it for my second. Both children have enjoyed it, and so have I. It explains many spelling rules for the English language that I had been previously unfamiliar with. The English language isn't as wonky as people claim it is. The exercises are fun to do together and they really cement the concepts in an engaging way.
May 4, 2020
3 months ago
I just bought this and not able to get the teaching tools that go with it.
If you don't already have the teaching tools, change curriculum now. It is now out of print and I can not get the picture cards, letter cards or any of the other tools I need to teach this curriculum. I will most likely return it and start with a new curriculum. I loved the way it taught phonics in Kindergarten but not sure it is worth the hassle of finding the tools I need.
August 21, 2019
I have been using Saxon Phonics for nine years with 4 different students I am still amazed at the number of people who know nothing about it Just like Saxon Math everything is laid out for the teacher and very helpful especially when it comes to coding (using the diacritical markings) Each of my children has a different learning style Working with the letters sounds and phonics rules through various manipulatives has made them well rounded readers as well as spellers Every one of them are wonderful readers testing above grade level It is a true phonics program I wished I had learned this way when I was young!
April 25, 2008

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