Horizons Math K Boxed Set

Horizons Math K Boxed Set

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Item #: 000680
ISBN: 9780740303135
Grades: K

Publisher Description:

Want to make math fun during your child's first years of learning? With the Horizons Kindergarten Math Set from Alpha Omega Publications, you'll find everything you need. Children love learning through analytical reasoning, memorization, and drills in this best-selling math curriculum. Each engaging lesson begins with a new math concept or an expansion on a previously covered concept to ensure your child's educational success. Brightly-colored illustrations in this Alpha Omega curriculum help your child understand basic math skills such as counting, adding, and subtracting single digit numbers; money values; time and days of the week; direction and positions; simple fractions; and more!

But that's not all! The user-friendly teacher guide provides step-by-step instructions and teaching tips for both the veteran and novice student.

Category Description for Horizons K:

Covers recognition and printing of numbers 0-100, simple addition and subtraction, skip-counting (by 10's, 5's, 2's, 3's, and 4's), place value, measuring, calendars, time and money.

Category Description for Horizons Math:

Admittedly, no math program will work for everyone - but I find few flaws in this motivating and well-laid out program. Although it may be more advanced for grade level than the "average" program, I don't consider that a negative. Because of the developmental approach to learning in this program, even a non-math type can easily succeed, while the "math whiz" will be challenged by the advanced topics introduced early. Concepts are introduced incrementally, then practiced, developed, and continually reviewed as other concepts are introduced. Horizons lays a solid foundation for numerical literacy with an early emphasis on hands-on, concept learning via manipulatives and one-on-one lessons. The program relies on few separately purchased manipulatives by utilizing common household items and including charts and number lines found in the teacher's handbooks. A useful table in the handbook shows the integration of manipulatives in lessons so you can tell at a glance just what you'll need. Analytical reasoning and mental acumen are stressed throughout the series, and memorization and drill are not neglected. The teacher handbook is the heart of the program, containing daily lesson plans that are easy to implement. Reduced student pages are a tremendous aid in planning and supply answers to the worktext exercises. Besides plans, the handbook contains an overview, materials list, activities, and supplemental worksheets (approx. one for each 4 lessons). Designed for homeschoolers, the activities, language, and lessons require no alteration. There are 160 lessons per level, each requiring approximately 20-30 minutes per day. Tests are given after every 10 lessons to assess retention of cumulative skills. While a good part of each lesson is oral (especially at the K level), the enticing, colorful student worksheets lay foundations for lessons and review concepts previously taught. There are two workbooks per grade level. Please note that the actual lesson is to be taught by you - there are only brief instructions on each page of the workbooks, which are not intended to be self- instructional. Boxed set contains the teacher book and 2 student workbooks. Additional Student Worksheet Packets contain one photocopy of each reproducible master in the teacher book.

Category Description for Alpha Omega Mathematics:

Homeschoolers appreciate the Alpha Omega curricula for their ease of use and quality instruction. There are 4 different teaching options available to help you meet your math education needs: Lifepacs, Horizons, Switched on Schoolhouse (flash drive for Windows only) and Monarch (online). Please see each option for the full course description. Christian content is included in the Lifepac, Switched on Schoolhouse and Monarch curricula.


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Trade Paper; Box or Slipcased
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Elementary/High School
Softcover Boxed Book Set
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Alpha Omega Publications
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Love Horizons math, and the kids love it, too!
Carol C on Nov 22, 2021
We are trying a new math program this year, and Horizons looks like a good match for my child
Nichole H on May 31, 2021
Love Horizons math, and the kids love it, too!
Carol C on Nov 22, 2021
This has been recommended to me for years now. Finally giving it a try.
Jennifer Z on Sep 21, 2021
We are trying a new math program this year, and Horizons looks like a good match for my child
Nichole H on May 31, 2021
For my kindergartener.
Elisabeth S on Apr 22, 2021
I used this math curriculum for my son and loved it!! Starting again with my grandson.
Brenda B on Feb 14, 2021
best math program
Jennifer L on May 13, 2020
This is a highly rated math curriculum. I wanted something to try other than Math U See to try something a little more traditional.
Lynn W on May 8, 2020
for my soon to be kindergartener
Jessica H on Apr 23, 2020
This is my first time using Horizons Math and I can't wait to start! I ordered the fourth grade for my other son and it's very colorful and interesting to look at. It seems far ahead of what our normal math curriculum contains.
Erica K on Aug 7, 2019
I am ready to start teaching my daughter Math, and a friend told me she enjoyed this curriculum. I am not sure about trying a curriculum with which I am unfamiliar, however the idea of a fun and simple, well planned out curriculum to help me sounded rather appealing so I am willing to try it!
E & his wife on Aug 1, 2019
for my 5 n year old starting to homeschool
Jennifer H on Jul 20, 2019
I wanted to order both the student workbooks and the teacher's manual.
Karyn S on Jul 15, 2019
We already have loved Horizons math with my boys. Hoping my girls will also.
Emily S on Feb 15, 2019
We love Horizons Math! Its bright and colorful and spiral so we are able to review again and again and really be able to recall the information. The manipulatives kit is a nice addition!!!
Lindsay G on Jan 16, 2019
looking for a curriculum for my son, he was uninterested in MLFALA. I also wanted something that does NOT teach common core.
Tiffany N on Nov 28, 2018
We used Singapore math when my older daughter was in Kindergarten, and it was NOT right for us- we both disliked it very much. She now uses Horizons, so we're starting over with this for my younger daughter as well.
Jennifer C on Nov 25, 2018
We have had really great experiences with Horizons Math. It is designed for homeschooling, and it shows.
Andy on Sep 6, 2018
I liked the bright illustrations and that it was considered academically rigorous.
Elizabeth J on Apr 30, 2018
Honestly, I couldn't decide between this and Saxon math. We'll start here and see how it goes. My daughter is a visual learner, so I think the illustrations will help her.
Rachael T on Apr 6, 2018
For Homeschool
Ania C on Sep 25, 2017
Looking for a solid, straight forward math curriculum for my kindergartner!
Megan S on Sep 7, 2017
recommended by friend
valeria s on Apr 12, 2017
For a hands on math curriculum. Recommended by several homeschool friends.
Kim S. on Feb 1, 2017
I am beginning my 5 year old with kindergarten lessons.
Kathryn F on Jan 2, 2017
I was looking for a math program to give my grandson a head start when he starts school next year (he is four now). We are almost done with a reading program and will be reading at a second grade level when he is done. While I will be continuing to practice his reading skills, it is time to build a new skill set. This program has had great reviews so I felt this might help him to accomplish our next goal.
Janis B on Aug 27, 2016
I like the method Horizons uses to teach math skills.
Patricia S on Aug 27, 2016
Recommended for first time homeschoolers
Barbara O on Aug 9, 2016
Horizons Math K has a great reputation and reviews, so we are going to give it a try.
Katherine B on Aug 6, 2016
I used this for our older kids and love the program and its user friendly.
Mary Ann G on May 4, 2016
This math program is both gentle and fun for young ones. It is simple to lead and requires few, if any, special manipulatives (though a manipulative kit is available). I like the spiral style introductions and reviews of concepts. The teacher's manual is easy to follow. For an average child, it is an open-and-go program.
Anaise R on Apr 25, 2016
I needed a kindergarten math program. Its been working pretty good so far.
Ann B on Mar 28, 2016
Heard many good things about this curriculum.
Christine R on Feb 10, 2016
For homeschooling my son.
Anna H on Nov 30, 2015
because it was the cheapest site for this curriculum
Viola P on Oct 19, 2015
This has been recommended to me for years now. Finally giving it a try.
Jennifer Z on Sep 21, 2021
For my kindergartener.
Elisabeth S on Apr 22, 2021
Someone said there was no religious content, are there moral situations or anything like that--if not why choose Horizon over Saxon? Is it because it's challenging--do you feel that the challenge was age appropriate and allowed you to switch over to any kind of math?
A shopper on Nov 28, 2018
BEST ANSWER: As for religious content, there can be things like pictures of crosses or churches in the early elementary grades, but there's definitely some in the upper elementary grades, like Bible verse references & such. I don't recall any moral situations, but I may not have been that sensitive to it.

I have found Horizons to be somewhat challenging (for instance it began covering multiplication in second grade where I learned it in 3rd in a gifted program), but my oldest student has been able to keep up - (this student scored in the 79th percentile on the ITBS, so a bright kid, but not in the way upper reaches). I think it lays a great foundation in mathematical concepts, so I believe you could switch, though "any" kind of math is hard to say - if another curriculum's presentation is radically different, like Singapore, it would still be an adjustment, but I chose it because I believe it will set them up well for lifelong facility with math.

I can't compare directly to Saxon, since I haven't used it. I believe it's known for a slower pace, and trying to align with Common Core. I also like that the Horizon workbooks are full color, where I don't believe Saxon's
are. That may not matter to you, but my students have enjoyed it.
What is included in the Box Set? Will I need to purchase a separate workbook?
A shopper on Nov 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The boxed set contains the teacher edition and the two student workbooks you need for the year. I would highly recommend that you also order one of the manipulatives kits. Those were always my kids' favorite part of math, and also are often integral to explaining a concept at the early levels.
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Rated 5 out of 5
So happy that I chose it the second time around!
This is the second time using Horizon Math. I used it for my son K-6 25 years ago when that’s as far as it went. We were so sad that they didn’t go through High School and we struggled with finding something we liked even half as much. Now I’m helping to school my grandson and again chose Horizon. I am especially happy that they have High School levels now too!!
March 17, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love it
Love it so far! Colorful pages and an easy to follow teacher’s manual.
October 14, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Very pleased
We are just 2 weeks into using this. So far. We love it. My boys really enjoy the colorful pages. They ask to do Math!
The boxes set come with a Teacher guide, Kindergarten Math book 1 and book 2.
I like that the lessons are shorter and they review previously taught material. So far each lesson is one page front an back. Some days we can do 2 lessons.
August 16, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Great With Small Flaws
The work load is perfect for K. I think they did a great job teaching most things however some things like teaching a kid to count money with quarters when they can't yet add 25 to 25 is bizarre. However I skip many of the worksheets as I found them to be a little pointless or didn't agree with having my child fill a whole page with one number.

I don't like that because they made it so you could tear out the worksheets in the back some of the teachers material falls out over time of use.

Over all I would definitely use again and would recommend to anyone. This is set up in the style of workbook learning and does not have extra activities or play learning. However, It would be very easy to add activities in if you wished to do so.
March 11, 2020
Rated 5 out of 5
Great Math Curriculum
We are almost done with the first book and loving it. My son is definitely more math minded so the spiral approach to Horizons has been working out very well. It introduces new concepts rather quickly but you get lots of review throughout the lessons. I think a child who is struggling with math might find this too fast, so definitely keep that in mind. So far we are doing well with it and having fun along the way!
July 3, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
This has been perfect for my kindergartener. It starts out very basic, which is fine by me because it builds her confidence. The colorful pages in the workbook are attractive. The teacher's manuals are well written. My daughter's only complaint is that it doesn't have tests like her older siblings' books have. :)
December 11, 2017
over 5 years ago
Rated 2 out of 5
I much preferred Singapore Math Essentials that I used with my older child. Horizons is just like working through a workbook with very little ideas for hands-on teaching.
October 8, 2017
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Exactly what I wanted
The colors on the pages are great to keep my little guy interested. He is doing great with this product!
December 31, 2015
over 7 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
We used Horizons Math K for my 5 year old daughter and we are so pleased with it that we will be getting Math 1 this year I was hesitant at first because Horizons is known as a Christian company and we are a secular family but there is no religious material in this workbook My daughter enjoyed the bright colors fun lessons and was not overwhelmed with work The pages are well laid out and easy to follow The work challenged her just enough to learn new things without overwhelming her Great job Horizons!
June 25, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5
My daughter is in Kindergarten and we have used Horizons K this year We love it It is pretty advanced for Kindergarten; she is now doing addition with two digits (for example 87+2)and subtraction She also has learned fractions (1/2 1/3 1/4) money and time It has kept her challenged but at the same time has not bored her with endless drills I have not used the teacher's manual a lot this year but will need to as we get into more complicated math in future years just for ideas of the best way to explain new concepts to her I highly recommend Horizons products if you have an advanced or gifted student They are great for keeping them challenged
March 2, 2011

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