Saxon Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit 3ED

Saxon Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit 3ED

# 000628

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Item #: 000628
ISBN: 9781565771239
Grades: 8-9

Product Description:

This Homeschool Kit contains a non-consumable hardcover student text, an answer key to problem sets and tests, and a test booklet. Solution manuals are NOT included.

Publisher Description:

Students will develop the understanding they need to resolve more complex problems and functions with this step-by-step course. Covers topics including signed numbers, exponents, and roots; absolute value; equations and inequalities; scientific notations; unit conversions; polynomials; graphs; factoring; quadratic equations; direct and inverse variations; exponential growth; statistics; and probability. Student Textbook (Hardcover): 120 Lessons, Glossary and Index, Answer Key to all Student Textbook Practices and Problem Sets, 564 pages. Homeschool Packet With Test Forms: 30 Test Forms for homeschooling, Answer Key to all homeschool Tests, Answer Key to all Student Textbook Practices and Problem Sets.

Category Description for Saxon Algebra 1 3rd Ed (with Geometry):

Covers signed numbers, exponents, solving equations, two equations with unknowns, graphing equations, scientific notation, ratio, percent, variation, unit conversions, geometry, perimeter, area, volume, English to metric conversion, surface area. 3rd edition.

Category Description for Saxon High School Programs:

Homeschool Kits contain a non-consumable hardcover student text, an answer key to problem sets and tests, and a test booklet. Solution manuals are NOT included unless you purchase a Homeschool Kit with Solutions Manual. For each problem, these manuals take you step-by-step to the solution. A big help if higher level math isn't your strong suit. All books are the most current edition. Please note that Homeschool Kit contents for Geometry and 4th Editions of Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 are different and do include a solution manual.

Saxon Math High School Comparison Chart

Category Description for Saxon Math:

Students like Saxon because they feel successful in math instead of overwhelmed.

The most popular homeschooling math program hands down! Highly recommended by both Mary Pride and Cathy Duffy, Saxon Math also wins our award for the "Most Requested Text." Saxon math is a "user-friendly" math program - even for Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus and other usually difficult math topics. Learning is incremental and each new concept is continuously reviewed, so the learning has time to "sink in" instead of being forgotten when the next topic is presented. Higher scores on standardized tests and increased enrollments in upper-level math and science classes have resulted where Saxon has been used in public schools. Students like Saxon because they feel successful in math instead of overwhelmed. Because of the format, children are able to work more independently.


Primary Subject
Grade Start
Grade End
3rd, Revised; Supplement
14 to 17
Young Adult
John Saxon
Softcover Book Set
Brand Name
Saxon Publishers
3.5 (lbs.)
11.0" x 8.5" x 1.25"
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two students in the same grade - need another book
Caroline M on Aug 10, 2023
Recommended by Friend
Katherine A on Dec 5, 2022
two students in the same grade - need another book
Caroline M on Aug 10, 2023
daughter needs help in her regular algebra class
Katherine Y on Feb 21, 2023
Recommended by Friend
Katherine A on Dec 5, 2022
because Nicole the Math Lady
Jeanne M on Aug 21, 2022
I've used Saxon Math and English with my 4 kids over the past 15 years. I cannot recommend Saxon enough for it's ease in understanding and usability.
Katie on Aug 18, 2022
When I pair this with "Mymathassistant" it is the best choice for teaching an excellent curriculum with added online assistance.
Tina W on Aug 4, 2022
These books explain math in a very clear manner, with lots of practice and review to never forget what you have learned.
EMILY C on Jul 27, 2022
Michele S on Jun 10, 2022
Needed for 9th grade math and got free shipping over $50.
User on Feb 10, 2022
I liked them in school.
Ethan S on Dec 30, 2021
Great program!
Erin R on Nov 16, 2021
We needed an alternative to Singapore math for a homeschooled student in grade 9. Saxon math came up in our research as a good option for high school/beyond 8th grade.
Jessica D on Oct 8, 2021
It's the Best!
Lori F on Sep 9, 2021
The most comprehensive math curriculum out there. Students doesn't just go through the course, they actually learns to understand and be good at mathematics.
Jessica P on Aug 23, 2021
Excellent and through content. Explanations also thorough.
Deborah E on Aug 10, 2021
School required text
Dawn G on Aug 9, 2021
Solid teaching. Needed another book for multiple students.
Alicia C on Jun 30, 2021
We've used the Saxon 8/7 before. The Saxon method is the way to go.
Stephen D on Jun 22, 2021
Spiral Review
Deanna W on Jan 7, 2021
I needed another Saxon Algebra 1 book. I like the old-style Saxon. I don't like the 4th Edition. This the best price for the text and answer key.
Daniel B on Dec 1, 2020
I have used Saxon in the past
Ellen M L on Nov 4, 2020
to use with robinson curriculum
Tracy D on Oct 19, 2020
Best Math curriculum out there."
Andrea V on Sep 24, 2020
Son's homeschool
Hope W on Sep 4, 2020
I used this program in High School and am confident it will serve my son well.
J D on Aug 31, 2020
This is the curriculum we will be using this year for high school math.
Betsy A on Aug 29, 2020
My son has used a few different math curricula over the course of his home school years. He specifically requested Saxon this year, for its ability to build concepts incrementally, logically, and concisely. He enjoys math and grasps the concepts fairly easily, and appreciates the solid explanations of mathematical concepts.
A Nicole H on Aug 21, 2020
I taught Saxon 1,2 and advanced for 16 Years at North Pole High School, love the method and choosing this level to start with home schooling
Bill W on Aug 19, 2020
Your website had this for the best price. :^) Thanks
Paul M on Aug 18, 2020
Saxon is a solid math curriculum. The lessons are broken down to digestible chunks for kids so it's not too overwhelming. Lots of review problems so the information sticks. This is important especially when algebra 1 paves the way for algebra 2, etc.
Saowalak J on Aug 18, 2020
Saxon was recommended to me by a previous homeschooling mom. She said that math was not her strong point, and this helped her children excel in the math they were learning beyond their expectations for the grade level.
Andrea M on Aug 12, 2020
Good explanations and practice.
Linda E on Aug 11, 2020
elizabeth h on Aug 8, 2020
My daughter has been using Saxon for a few years - read an article that said Algebra 1/2 may not be necessary for all students. Took placement tests found on Sonlight and Christian Book and she passed into this level.
Kathy P on Jul 26, 2020
Switched to Saxon Math our 3rd year of homeschooling. Both kids really enjoyed the teaching.
Michelle S on Apr 16, 2020
friend's recommendation
Mingchao S on Apr 12, 2020
For my 8th grade daughter I home school.
Jennifer H on Apr 10, 2020
We have used Saxon Math Homeschool kits from Kindergarten on. My children both do very well with Saxon and I am very happy with the spiral method employed.
Katherine D on Mar 31, 2020
We love Saxon and this is our 4th level of text we will be using.
James S on Mar 18, 2020
even used copies could hardly compare to this price!
Barrett C on Mar 3, 2020
For my 8th grade son... we've gotten bogged down in a pre-algebra course in our homeschool, and I want to step into Algebra 1 as we go at our own pace.
Michael L on Dec 30, 2019
My daughter looked at a bunch of Algebra curriculums and really liked this one and how it is explained the lessons.
Erin P on Sep 12, 2019
for school
jackie o on Sep 3, 2019
It was recommended by my seasoned homeschool mommas as a good transition when having completed all that Singapore offers.
Sarah J on Aug 22, 2019
Great prices!!! Great selection!!!
Jenny W on Aug 13, 2019
Solid curriculum. Nice homeschool package with a great price from Rainbow Resource!
Vicki M on Aug 5, 2019
We've used saxon for years now. I chose Algebra 1 because my 9th grader is in that level.
Klarisa K on Jul 17, 2019
We have used Saxon Math since the 3rd grade for our son. I had to decide between 3rd/4th edition and between 1/2 and 1 levels. We picked 3rd edition to include some geometry concepts and continuation. 8/7 was so thorough that we are jumping right to level 1
Anne Isabel B on Jul 12, 2019
It was the next level for my child
User on Jun 18, 2019
Saxon is a thorough curriculum and our children have been prepared for college (or other pursuits) working through this program.
Heidi L V on May 23, 2019
daughter needs help in her regular algebra class
Katherine Y on Feb 21, 2023
because Nicole the Math Lady
Jeanne M on Aug 21, 2022
Ship to Brazil?
Rafael on Jun 14, 2023
BEST ANSWER: We do ship international. Details will show at checkout.
Is there an estimated daily lesson time as the lower Saxon levels lay out?
cynthia on Jan 31, 2022
BEST ANSWER: Somewhere in the material it give time suggestions. It also talks about only doing the odd or even problems if you are understanding the material. Because if you do every problem the lessons get lengthy. We would watch the math flac videos. They were inexpensive and gave a short lesson 5-10 min to each day to help explain the math.
Where do I locate when I should give the tests? I don’t see where to find that.
A shopper on Dec 2, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The testing schedule is typically in the front pages of the test booklet.
I have the Text Book, Solutions Manual (which contains the solutions to the Text Book problems), and we have the Test Forms booklet. I do not have an answer key for the tests. Where are the test answers? Is there a separate booklet for this? TIA!
A shopper on Oct 9, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Solutions to the Test problems are in the answer key (#004741) which can only be purchased as part of this set:
Am I missing something, this kit is less than purchasing the text allone? It that correct?
A shopper on Jun 7, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, although it's unusual, the Saxon Homeschool Kit for Algebra 1 is LESS than the cost of the text book alone. The reason is because we sell so many of the kits we get additional discounts when we order from the publisher which we pass on to our customers.
Would this be good for a struggling student with mild learning disabilities?
A shopper on Jul 10, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Depends on the disability.Text explanations are excellent and options are: (1)lots of repetition or (2)learn concept and move on. Does have some hands on, which can help with the visual & tactile learner.
Can a student begin Saxon at the Alg. 1 level if he's never used the Saxon series before?
A shopper on Jul 10, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Absolutely. Two of my children made the switch. The format took a bit to get used to, but they persevered and after a few weeks were accustomed to the "saxon format."
Does the student solve the questions by writing the answers in the student text book or are the questions written separately on a sheet of notebook paper?
A shopper on Oct 28, 2017
BEST ANSWER: They student solves the problems on a desperate sheet of notebook paper. The textbooks are completely reusable!
Do you need the solution manual in addition to the homeschool packet?
A shopper on Jan 9, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The homeschool packet provides the answers to the problems, but doesn't show the work of getting the answer. The solutions manual contains the steps to get the answers to the problems. Even though I'm quite comfortable with algebra, it helps to have the problem worked out so that I don't have spend time working out the problems myself.
4.6 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
Great resource for homeschool moms
June 24, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Algebra 1
It’s a bit pricey, but worth it. It’s a set of 3 books with plenty of great material for the year. Love the part how they even provide tests so I don’t have to create one
October 22, 2020
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Excellent for In-depth Math Understanding for All Levels
We love the Saxon Math Series. It is a good as Singapore Math in that it develops concepts, but practices more often so people don't forget them. If you follow the older books rhat mix in Geometry into all the books starting in Kindergarten, then you can finish a year earier with the same comprehension. And, it's less foreign a concept. We have used Saxon Math since Kindergarten, but we also dabbled in Teaching Textbooks and Khan Academy for fun one summer each. Saxon was definitely far superior.
October 12, 2018
over 5 years ago
Rated 3 out of 5
Not homeschool friendly
The answer key only has odd numbers and it states students should check each other’s work with the even number questions . This is a problem because in homeschool we don’t have “ multiple students” and it’s primarily the parents giving the test. So... I believe that should be rectified in the homeschool packet
September 6, 2018
over 5 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Intensive Algebra Curriculum
This curriculum is very thorough. If you don't have a grasp on Algebra, this will be challenging to teach. My son usually doesn't have a problem understanding this curriculum because he used the Saxon Algebra 1/2 last year.
December 14, 2015
over 8 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I am a die-hard Math-U-See fan and never thought I'd be even remotely tempted to try Saxon of all programs Having heard that it was tedious and had way to much busy work and being happy with Math-U-See Saxon wasn't even on the radar for me Then came Algebra 1 My son just wasn't getting it with Math-U-See After much frustration we decided to try Saxon We haven't looked back since! Saxon is a perfect fit for my son He's always been good at Math until he started Algebra He also seems to learn best by reading and the Saxon lessons are directed to the student and are extremely thorough My son has really taken off with this program and along with the Saxon Teacher CD Roms he can now do Algebra without constant input from me Being a busy homeschool mom I'm thrilled with the freedom that Saxon Math has brought to our days This program is well worth the price My son has rediscovered his confidence in his math skills and that for me is priceless!
March 18, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5
Do not attempt to buy this without the Dive Cd that is available The DIVE was helpful but we will still take a break from this approach for Algebra II It is incremental and spiral based but there was not enough review of the NEW concepts learned in each lesson which caused frustration at my house There are over 120 lessons in this book The Dive Cd covers the example problems only not the practice or test problems
June 24, 2007

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