Spellwell C and CC Teacher Guide/Answer Key

Spellwell C and CC Teacher Guide/Answer Key

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Item #: 000571
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Grades: 4

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A flexible spelling program, designed to practice words by spelling rule, but incorporating high-frequency sight words and additional words of your choice. This allows you to include content-area words from other subject areas or words your child has misspelled in writing. Another nice feature is the upgrading of the lesson if a child misses less than two words on the pretest. Words with the same phonetic or spelling rule, but at a higher reading level, are substituted for those on the original list. For example, if words like "tire," "hole," and "mistake" are no challenge, they are replaced by words like "telephone," "useful," and "earthquake." As you might guess, this lesson's rule is "Words with Silent e." An "outlaw" word for the lesson is "whole," since it doesn't conform to its sound. After the pretest, the student uses the words in the list in games and activities throughout the week. According to research referenced here, students more easily retain information that's practiced in regular, short intervals than for a longer time less frequently. Exercises appear varied, educational, and interesting, giving the students experience writing and working with the words before the post test.

Cartoonish blackline illustrations liven the text and would be fun to color in as a reward for good work. Teacher guides are optional, providing an answer key for the exercises. You should not need them at this level, but they are inexpensive and will help busy moms save time.

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