Explode the Code Book 1 (2nd Edition)

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Item #: 062492
ISBN: 9780838878019
Grades: K-4

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Publisher: Educators Publishing Service

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My old and faithful. This is my fifth student to use these books with.
September 22, 2018
4 months ago
LOVE Explode the Code
Explode the code is a great curriculum. Works very for my child who has a short attention span. I love how it focuses on writing and spelling while teaching phonics. My children were able to spell and read fairly quickly after we started Explode the Code.
September 10, 2018
4 months ago
Great phonics book
This one is loved by my kids and is a great beginner book. However, it does have a few pictures that are what my kids would call "creepy" so we just cover those. It's quick, cheap, and gets the job done.
April 10, 2018
1 year ago
repetitive, but engaging
My five year old is diving into this book and thoroughly enjoys it. The activities repeat with each letter sound, but there is a good variety of exercises and it combines reading with writing practice. I did not get the teacher guide.
November 18, 2016
over 2 years ago
Great Reading Program
I've used this program for two children so far. One started with the preface to this series, Get Ready, Get Set, and Go for the Code, and the other jumped right in here. I use this book at Kindergarten level. The workbooks keep my children engaged daily in learning to read, building each week on what they have already learned. You can go at your own pace with these. I take one lesson and stretch it out over the course of a week. I purchased the teacher's manual because I prefer to be told what and how to teach, but you wouldn't necessarily need it at this level if you like to plan your own lessons.
October 17, 2016
over 2 years ago
This is an easy way to work on phonics, reading, writing and spelling.
September 19, 2016
over 2 years ago
Great program!
This is a terrific curriculum! My ASD daughter has Central Auditory Processing Disorder & Dyslexia. She is 12 and we have spent $1000's of dollars on curriculum that never helped her learn to read. I was skeptical when I heard about these cheaply priced books, but I thought what they heck they're cheap enough. We have started with book 1. This is a straight forward, simple, no frills, black & white program.......BUT IT'S WORKING!!!!! She's slowly learning to read with this program. I love it! It's awesome! I highly recommend it! Did I mention that I love it?
August 26, 2016
over 2 years ago
Great series of books! My 5-year-old kindergarten daughter finished books 1 and 2 before the end of the school year. Along with The Reading Lesson, these books helped teach her to read! These books have a repeating format that allowed DD to do a lot of work independently. I look forward to using upper level books in the future! Great resource!
April 8, 2016
over 3 years ago
Amazing books!!!
I am purchasing this book for the fourth time. I have used these books since I started homeschooling my oldest son, now 15. I have used them along side Hooked on Phonics. My 3 oldest children began reading at late age 4 to early age 5 and was reading 2nd grade level books (BJU) in the 1st grade. My youngest will be 5 in a couple of months and she is starting to read 2-3 letter words. We have just finished the Primer level A,B, &C. She loves them, as did all the older ones (they still remember them) and especially mom. They seem simple but are challenging at the time and really build their confidence. We do all the pages in each book. I did not use the 1/2 books. Children just took off reading. These are the best way to teach reading. Children's ages now (15,12,9,4)
February 9, 2016
Like it with reservations
I am using this and I really like it. However I do not use the pick the right sentence pages or all of the spelling pages. They are too overwhelming. In addition to this I make up CVC word lists for my son to read along with 1 or 2 sentences that he would find amusing. We also read a Bob book 2-3 times a week and do Orton gillianham flash cards.
February 3, 2016
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Great book that child can do independently. Helped older son with his reading and phonics, so I am getting another for his younger brother
Cheri M on Jan 8, 2019
My son's speech therapist recommended
Laura A on Dec 19, 2018
Great book that child can do independently. Helped older son with his reading and phonics, so I am getting another for his younger brother
Cheri M on Jan 8, 2019
Tutoring Resource
Nancy S on Dec 30, 2018
My son's speech therapist recommended
Laura A on Dec 19, 2018
As a new homeschooling mother, I am still figuring things out. After a big, expensive curriculum that has overwhelmed my daughter and I, we are looking for a simpler approach and hoping ETC will be the answer!
Heather D on Dec 9, 2018
I chose this for my six-year-old is because I have used ETC with my three older children and it we have loved it.
Rebecca P on Nov 6, 2018
I homeschool
Kimberly G on Oct 24, 2018
Wonderful curriculum. Just enough practice each day. Very systematic. Funny stories. Add to any phonics program. Could see my kids getting better with these books.
Tamara W on Oct 23, 2018
To work on phonetic language skills.
Paula N on Oct 17, 2018
Fun way to build phonics skills
Kathy S on Oct 14, 2018
It was recommended
Amanda S on Oct 9, 2018
Have been using Explode the code for each of my children for about 16 years. LOVE this series!
Christy W on Oct 2, 2018
I've used it before.
Emma J on Oct 1, 2018
For my kindergartner. She is ready for the next level.
Angie S on Sep 28, 2018
I chose this book to help my children get more practice with their short vowels and phonemic awareness.
Helena M on Sep 24, 2018
ABC books were/are super helpful (preschool) and we are excited to continue using ETC 1-2 for our phonics program with homeschooling (Kindergarten).
Heather S on Sep 17, 2018
Love phonics as reading instruction
Patricia E on Sep 14, 2018
I am now teaching once again full-time in a classroom, after having homeschooled my own children. I used Explode the Code with my own children, and know it is a good phonics enriching series. I plan on using concepts from the books with my students.
Jenni G on Sep 10, 2018
Good supplemental workbook to Phonics Pathways. Better than big box store phonics workbooks. Has WAY more educational value.
Valerie D on Sep 8, 2018
looks great for K5 or Grade 1
Judith E on Sep 3, 2018
We have used Explode the Code for about 15 years. It is a great conglomeration of reading, handwriting, and spelling. This is my last time ordering book 1 because we are homeschooling our last kiddo!
Sheri B on Sep 2, 2018
This phonics program has great reviews so we decided to give it a try.
Elizabeth N on Aug 22, 2018
for school
Jamie H on Aug 21, 2018
It was recommended and I value scripture.
Laura Y on Aug 20, 2018
Have used this with my other 5 sons.
Amy M on Aug 18, 2018
Have used in the past
Sharon E on Aug 15, 2018
I love book 2, but I think my son needs to start with book 1 so I'm going back to start all over with this curriculum.
K T on Jul 31, 2018
Pam A on Jul 16, 2018
I remember it from when my kids were small and I am now a grandmother of two boys 2 and 4 years old
Katherine H on Jul 11, 2018
Highly recommended resource; we didn't use it with our first child but our second child needs some additional phonics practice.
Amanda B on Jul 7, 2018
We like to use these books in addition to our phonics curriculum. Our kids enjoy them.
Jenny S on Jul 1, 2018
part of our curriculum
Ruth Anne H on Jun 23, 2018
Since Explode the Code worked so well for several of my students and for my older son, we're using it again with the younger child.
Melinda M on May 10, 2018
Great easy program for all 7 kids! Helps support any language arts curriculum and fill in any gaps where the kids need a little practice! This program has helped the kids learn to read as well!
User on Apr 8, 2018
Explode the Code has helped all of my children in both reading and handwriting.
Laura P on Mar 28, 2018
Homeschooling my 5 and 7 year old girls. Looking for a good resource to help teach them the foundations for reading. Explode the Code series was recommended with the homeschooling curriculum.
Theresa F on Mar 23, 2018
We love this program.
User on Mar 20, 2018
My son really enjoys these books
Americia G on Mar 19, 2018
Our preschool-age daughter used the Primer books of this series, and is already trying to sound out words and write them. Book 1 will help her do this in kindergarten!
Angela H on Mar 17, 2018
We currently use Hooked on Phonics which we love but it just doesn't have the writing and decoding like Explode the code so we are going to use this in conjunction with Hooked on Phonics.
Heather S on Mar 14, 2018
Explode the Code is wonderful for new readers. My kids enjoy the pages, and the sentences are pretty clever, too. I've been using it for about 5 years with 4 kids.
Rachel C on Mar 8, 2018
To help my emerging Kindergarten become a stronger reader.
Joy K on Mar 6, 2018
I home school my children and this is a great resource.
Crystalyn W on Mar 5, 2018
my 6.5 year old is ready now. :)
Beth T on Mar 2, 2018
Jennifer M on Feb 27, 2018
Our Sonlight curriculum requires it.
Bridgette L on Feb 16, 2018
I have had a lot of success using the Explode the Code series, it gives the extra practice that is needed in these fundamental areas
April R on Feb 12, 2018
My children LOVED these books, so now I'm using them for children I tutor.
Michele C on Feb 6, 2018
phonics instruction
irene a on Feb 4, 2018
This is an excellent resource! I am a reading therapist and have used Explode the Code for almost a decade. It is sequential approach to reading, using blending, segmenting, and decodable print that allows greater possibility of success for struggling readers. It is also very user friendly for parents. I highly recommend this product!
Cindy L on Feb 3, 2018
Explode the Code is our most frequently borrowed phonics curriculum!
Angela C on Jan 31, 2018
Tutoring Resource
Nancy S on Dec 30, 2018
As a new homeschooling mother, I am still figuring things out. After a big, expensive curriculum that has overwhelmed my daughter and I, we are looking for a simpler approach and hoping ETC will be the answer!
Heather D on Dec 9, 2018
Are the teacher guides for 1-8 really necessary or are the workbooks enough on their own?
User on Jan 12, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Unless you are very new to teaching phonics, I'd skip them. I got them and never even opened them, the workbooks are very self explanatory.
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