Apologia Astronomy Lab Kit for 1ED or 2ED

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Grades: K-6

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Publisher: Nature's Workshop
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About Apologia Astronomy Lab Kit for 1ED or 2ED

Category Description for Exploring Creation with Astronomy 2nd Ed.

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Such a Time saver! It even has a sheet describing what changes needed to be made using the 1st edition book.
May 22, 2018
over 2 years ago
So helpful!
We are using this with a group of students in a class but I would definitely use this at home with a family too. The supplies are organized by lesson and activity so you can easily get the packet you need that day. There are even a extras such as an umbrella and flashlight so there is very little that you need to gather yourself. I would definitely say this is worth the cost to make sure you will get science done instead of putting it off because you are missing something necessary for the day's activity.
February 24, 2018
1 year ago
Worth every penny
Our first year with Apologia and just love it due to all the hands on suggestions and activities. While the author does an incredible job using household objects for lessons, it is still time consuming to find them all. So, this kit is fantastic. We have been using it for a few months now and I can't be more happy. It is organized together, easy to find everything and easy to use. Products are of appropriate quality for each activity/experiment. Even things like paper and tape are included, no hassles. I will get any kits made for apologia in the future
November 3, 2017
over 2 years ago
Yes... I am yelling with glee! So we have used these kits for ten years. My kids learn to be independent learners with the kits. Listen to the mp3. Read the book. Take notes. Check off the daily to do list in the notebook. Go grab the lesson module bag... numbered.

Last week my son was launching his rocket - I will say I sometimes feel a gap between the objective learned and the experiment - rocket - Saturn? But it is outweighed by the independence my kids feel.

SO - bitty son builds his rocket... and flop, fizzle. A screaming bitty boy. We bought the kit in October. So I called Sarah at RR. I explained that I thought the materials were just old. No problem. Email from NW directly the same day. Asked what I needed. TWO DAYS LATER - a box for said bitty boy. All the materials that were defective arrived. Relaunch of rocket. To the moon, baby ... to the moon!

I LOVE that it allows my kids to learn early to be independent and I give guidance. We are Catholic - and not Creationist - so we tend to skip the chapters on the age of the Earth, dinosaurs, etc. We know God created it. That's all we are asked to know ... but that's just us... we are all different not less.

We have had no problems making this fit our needs. I tend to toss in a book from the library - True Book Neptune, etc. They read that during the chapter. They gain more information and it is secular. Sometimes it gives different information and they are off to find answers. Regardless, true thinking and synaptic connections firing.

I will pay for excellent customer service. Truly! I have done every science program on the market. I don't have to find anything. Most say it's all in the box... you end up trudging thru snow in February to find two cacti to graft.

Everything is in the box... or they will send it to you. AMAZING!
May 11, 2017
We do all of the experiments.
Love this kit. Worth every penny. I will be buying more of them in the future. It is so nice to have all of the needed materials at hand.
January 16, 2017
over 3 years ago
Everything we need in one box
We love apologia science, but in the past we didnt buy the experiment kits and had a challenging time gathering all the materials necessary. We are excited to start this time, knowing we already have everything we need to complete the experiments. It's all labeled in individual bags, ready to use. Worth the extra expense!
October 10, 2016
over 2 years ago
Lab kit 1st/2nd ED no additional activities!
The lab kit is great. Organized by lesson and there is a ton of stuff! My only complaint is the kit sold here does not include the additional science kit activities. You can only get these supplies in the kit sold directly by Apologia. Rainbow Resource states this in the description of the product... Which I failed to read in its entirety. I just wish this fact was stated underneath the product title as an additional note that was readily noticeable.
September 7, 2016
over 3 years ago
Science Made Easy!
This was so helpful as first time himeschoolers. The kit is divided and labeled! Now we can enjoy science rather than worrying about if we have all the supplies!
September 1, 2016
over 3 years ago
I Would definitely recommend this kit! It made things so much easier. It was so convenient to have everything ready to go. Each lesson has everything you need for that project. It was like Christmas opening the box! Worth the cost as well.
October 23, 2015
over 3 years ago
Very pleased
We are very pleased with our astronomy kit. It is exactly as advertised. The kit is sectioned out by lessons making it so easy and quick to access.
Thank you Rainbow Resource for competitive pricing and quick shipping.
Happy homeschooling!
October 20, 2015
over 3 years ago
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I especially like the fact that the items are bagged by lesson. I don't mind paying a few extra dollars to have this convenience. School days are busy and every time-saver helps.
Vicki E on Aug 14, 2019
I wanted the lab kit that is compatible with first edition Astronomy.
Diane H on Mar 16, 2019
I especially like the fact that the items are bagged by lesson. I don't mind paying a few extra dollars to have this convenience. School days are busy and every time-saver helps.
Vicki E on Aug 14, 2019
Needed something to make labs easy. If experiments are prepared I'm more likely to actually do them!
Shannon C on Aug 8, 2019
I wanted the lab kit that is compatible with first edition Astronomy.
Diane H on Mar 16, 2019
We used Zoology 1 Lab Kit and it was great. We did the book with my oldest without the bought kit, but now that we'll have the kit it will be much more convenient going through the textbook with my second child.
Raluca J on Feb 17, 2019
great price
KerryAnn M on Sep 4, 2018
This kit makes doing the hands-on experiments so simple and easy - a blessing for a busy homeschool family!
Ann Marie K on Sep 1, 2018
Convenience. Saves time by not having to research and purchases supplies needed for each lesson.
Susan C on Aug 21, 2018
because the lab kit is better than trying to find everything yourself. i did not find half the stuff needed.
Debra N on Aug 3, 2018
I like these kits because otherwise we never do the experiments. These are neatly labeled and a must for our family!
Brandon M on Jul 30, 2018
Heard it was a lot of fun! Needing more hands on work.
leslie j on Jun 5, 2018
We have used these lab kits before for other subjects and they make doing the experiments so much easier.
User on Apr 28, 2018
I wanted all of the materials in one spot so that I would not have to collect them myself.
Ana m on Apr 15, 2018
Because If i dont get the kit, the experiments dont happen because i am not organized enough to put it together on my own!!
kelli b on Mar 21, 2018
Everything I need for activities in one box? No more running around trying to gather materials? Actually getting the lab activities done because we have everything we need? SIGN ME UP!
Sara M on Feb 26, 2018
To use with Astronomy
Crystal H on Jan 29, 2018
To make finding supplies easier
Tiffany K on Jan 16, 2018
great price and all the supplies are gathered for me!
User on Jan 9, 2018
Everything is there so it makes it easier for me to teach it without looking for the stuff to do the experiments. I like easy, especially when you are a busy farm wife and homeschooling and ......
User on Dec 2, 2017
I hope having all the items together will make my life easy. I wont have to run around like a crazy person to find things needed for experiments.
Sondra M on Nov 8, 2017
I have the book and wanted all the items needed for the experiments in hand.
Judith H on Sep 25, 2017
to make my life easy teaching 4 little ones astronomy
Erin M on Sep 4, 2017
Good price!
Janice D on Aug 10, 2017
I don't want to have to shop around for all the lab supplies.
Jeff B on Jul 12, 2017
These kits cut down my time involved and makes it more likely that the experiments are actually completed.
Sherry O on Jun 16, 2017
online reviews. Use Charlotte Mason ideology and this looked great
User on May 18, 2017
It is soooooo much easier to do the experiments when the items you need are right in the box. No scavenging around the house for supplies.
Sabrina B on Mar 8, 2017
Why did I choose the lab kit..my daughter loves to be hands on, touch and thinking connecting... having the kit all organized is a wonderful this.Time can get away from you very quickly as it is.
yvette p on Jan 22, 2017
I like that everything will be available and I won't have to search for items when preparing for a lesson.
User on Jan 13, 2017
for ease with experiments at home
Shannon B on Oct 6, 2016
The convenience is worth the price.
Abigail M on Aug 26, 2016
Beka B on Aug 15, 2016
Save time, money, and sanity by not having to run all over town on Sunday night!
Shane R on Aug 12, 2016
It's our first year homeschooling and a number of friends love this curriculum. I'm getting the kit to save time and sanity so I don't have to spend as much time running around gathering supplies.
Elisabeth A A on Aug 9, 2016
I wanted to have my tools at hand ready to go so I can actually complete the experiments with my children.
Sarah K on Aug 6, 2016
We have never seen this and we think it's so cool and hands on for them to bea bel to get it at home and the price is affordable
Jill C on Aug 4, 2016
To help me so I don't have to take the time to gather all the supplies to do the experiments.
User on Aug 2, 2016
We wanted it to go along with the curriculum and it is easier to purchase this way
Lindsay S on Aug 1, 2016
Last year I ordered the science lab kit for the 1st time and found it so helpful as a complement to the curriculum!! It made it so easy to do all of the experiments with my students...having all of the materials at my fingertips saved so much time!
It is worth the money to purchase the kit!!
Glenda C on Jul 26, 2016
Makes doing the projects so much easier
Sydney C on Jul 22, 2016
I am not great at having all necessary items for the experiments on hand. I'm always missing something. We end up skipping the experiment and never get back to it once I do have the materials. I believe having all of this together will result in a better experience.
AMANDA S on May 10, 2016
Didn't want to try collecting all materials individually
Tim H on Mar 17, 2016
It goes with the science book my student is using.
Emily H on Jan 29, 2016
It works well for families who have more than one child because it allows them to be able to learn together.
Heidi F on Nov 18, 2015
We are using for a homeschool coop
Kevin K on Oct 20, 2015
Needed something to make labs easy. If experiments are prepared I'm more likely to actually do them!
Shannon C on Aug 8, 2019
We used Zoology 1 Lab Kit and it was great. We did the book with my oldest without the bought kit, but now that we'll have the kit it will be much more convenient going through the textbook with my second child.
Raluca J on Feb 17, 2019
Are the balloons that come with this kit the right diameter for the Build a Model Solar System with balloons in Lesson 1? Or are they all just regular sized balloons you could easily buy at a craft store?
A shopper on Jun 24, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The balloons are of varying sizes and ours came with an Earth balloon. However, some of the balloons were not the same colors or sizes depicted in the Model in Lesson 1. If I wanted it to be a replica of the Model in the book, I would purchase the balloons myself. I hope this helps!
Where in the text or journals does it explain how to do the experiments?
User on Sep 9, 2016
BEST ANSWER: At the end of each lesson there is a section for "projects" each project is labeled 1 through..... And there is a corresponding bag that has all non-perishable items you should need for the project.

Hope this helps. I really enjoyed this with my kids! It's so much fun and the box is sooooo worth the money!

You will want to purchase a student notebook that goes with the lesson. This keeps everything organized and my kids loved the cut outs. I loved it too cause everything fit easily in a spiral notebook with no loose papers.

May God Bless you in your homeschool adventure! What a mighty and rewarding calling!!!
Where in the text or journals do they explain how to do the experiments?
A shopper on Sep 9, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It's kind of spread throughout the text. Each chapter will have 1 or 2 experiments to do, (maybe one in the middle of the chapter and one or 2 at the end, which I guess sometimes makes 3) and then this lab kit makes it simple to do them because the kit has a bunch of little ziplocks labeled by text chapter. You find the right chapter Baggie and there you have pretty much everything you need to do the experiments. I love it. Even though it felt expensive to me, it's worth it to me because my kids enjoy the experiments, and I know myself well enough to know that unless the supplies are über easy to collect, I just won't do them.
Does this kit go with the NEW 2nd edition? Will a new kit be coming out?
A shopper on Jun 5, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, this kit does not correspond to the NEW 2nd edition of Exploring Creation with Astronomy. The 2nd edition has added a number of labs and thus quite a few items to the supply list and it would be very frustrating to try to use this kit with the NEW edition. We expect a 2nd edition lab kit but have been told it will not be available until mid-summer.
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