Story of the World Vol. 2 2nd Edition Audiobook CDs

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Item #: 041242
ISBN: 9781933339122
Grades: 1-6
Author: Susan Wise Bauer
Publisher Backorder: due 08/28/2019

Additional Details

Publisher: Peace Hill Press
Contributor:Jim Weiss (Read by)
Pub. Date: August 2007
Binding: CD-ROM; Compact Disc
Dimensions: 5.51 x 6.35 x 1.13 in.; .62 lbs.
Media Type/Duration: 39600 sec.
Edition: 2
Language: English
Series Title: The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child Ser.
Audience: General Adult

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Learning made fun!
My children love Story of the World! The best part is that they are learning history while listening to a story that keeps them engaged.
February 24, 2017
over 2 years ago
Great for long car rides!
This is our second year using Story of the World. I've been very impressed with the books, as well as the CDs. I love using the CDs as a supplement to the books. We all listen to the CDs in the car, then we read the book, then listen to the CDs, again--it really helps to cement the information!
July 26, 2016
over 3 years ago
Finally a CD for kids that the parents can enjoy equally We have listened to this series while on road trips and our whole family becomes entranced in the story Even our youngest (2 and 3 at the time) was content to listen to these CDs When not joyriding these CDs are ideal for the auditory learner the beginning and developing reader as well as the tired and/or stressed teacher who has had enough (ie me) =) I have had great success playing these for my kids while they read along in the SOTW books Not only are they getting the benefit of reading (seeing the words) it while hearing it simultaneously I get a bit of a break from reading once and a whileWe have listened to the CDs several times; they are definitely worth the cost regardless if you use SOTW academically or not
January 18, 2008
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My kids love SOTW, audiobooks are great when we're in the car
Amri D on Aug 13, 2019
I chose this product so on crazy days we can listen to it in the car or while I’m cooking dinner.
Catherine M on Aug 12, 2019
My kids love SOTW, audiobooks are great when we're in the car
Amri D on Aug 13, 2019
Easy to have learning in the car!!
Karel W on Aug 13, 2019
I chose this product so on crazy days we can listen to it in the car or while I’m cooking dinner.
Catherine M on Aug 12, 2019
My kids love listening to the stories and historical events.
Kimmi W on Apr 19, 2019
I love the opportunity to listen to these history CDs while we're traveling.
Roxanne G on Apr 17, 2019
My kids loved the Story of the World Vol 1 CD's. We listen in the car and at home. We are starting the next book and my kids asked for the next set of CD's.
Christyann B on Aug 17, 2018
We love the audio for learning.
Rebecca Z on Aug 11, 2018
My son enjoyed the first volume
Megan L on Mar 11, 2018
I homeschool 3 kids
Amy H on Jan 11, 2018
My grandchildren love volume 1 and are ready for the next volume.
Cecile C on Nov 29, 2017
next in series
Anita G on Sep 18, 2017
We have been using Story of the World for 2 years. This year we are spending more time in the van, so I thought listening on CD would be a great option for us! I do still love snuggling up on the couch reading with my kids, but this will be useful when we simply don't have time.
Rochelle W on Sep 15, 2017
We like to listen to the Story of the World audiobooks during our breaks for additional historical education.
Debra E H on Aug 31, 2017
Great History text.
Diane D on Aug 20, 2017
We love Story of the World for History - and the audio books are wonderful! We do our history lesson on the way to piano lessons or as we run errands! It's nice for me as the 'teacher' and I'm sure the kids enjoy hearing someone else read to them for a change!
Jaci R on Jun 30, 2017
We have the audio CD's for Volume 1, and they are great for getting work done on the go, as well as for read alongs!
ELVIN P on Jun 9, 2017
We used the audiobook for the first volume. Loved it! Back for volume 2!
Brooke H on Jun 8, 2017
Now I don't have to figure out how to pronounce all the names!
Melissa D on Mar 1, 2017
It's a wonderful supplemental history course that is fun to listen to even when driving in the car.
James C on Feb 25, 2017
Once again searching through my other sources you company was there for me with the best pice.
yvette p on Jan 22, 2017
We often find ourselves in the car, but with the use of audiobooks, school can continue. :) My girl love listening to Story of the World 1 and often would complain when I needed to turn the "story" off. We can't wait to continue listening to the story.
Karen V on Jan 7, 2017
My kids LOVE to read along as they listen to the audio CDs for our history lesson. It makes it more engaging and super convenient for days when we need to school on the go!
Paula S on Jan 3, 2017
My boys enjoy these so much and ask to listen to them regularly.
Patricia S on Nov 30, 2016
Continuing a course of study that has worked well for us
User on Nov 20, 2016
We love this History curriculum! It makes the material very interesting and easy to understand.
Amy M on Oct 17, 2016
I want to play this in the car for my son who other wose would not be exposed to history of the world.
Anemette T on Oct 3, 2016
my kids love listening and I love them learning.
Keeley L on Sep 15, 2016
I like using the Story of the World Audiobook CDs while traveling in the car or while doing tasks around the house. It allows us to get two things done at once.
Sharon G on Sep 2, 2016
We enjoy it. Its a good way to get the kids learning, even if we're driving in the car.
Judy Z on Aug 22, 2016
We have the Story of the World Book series and Vol. I CD set... it's nice to have someone else read it- and with correct pronunciation.
Elizabeth P on Aug 21, 2016
We LOVE SOTW! We used Volume 2 CD's this past year and my kids, ages 8, 5, and 3 constantly request it in our van or at home in the play room. They love the story-teller's voice. They stay engaged while listening and will fuss for me to leave the van running when we pull up somewhere to park if a chapter is not over yet! Can't wait to try Volume 2.
Michael P on Aug 16, 2016
I've used Vol.1 and we really enjoyed it - we're just starting the next level.
Renee P on Aug 13, 2016
These audiobooks read by Jim Weiss are outstanding! We used Volume 1 last year and thoroughly enjoyed them.
Beth P on Aug 4, 2016
My son absolutely LOVED the SOW volume 1 AND he retained the information so well that he was explaining historical information with people that I didn't even know! Top Pick in my book!
Kristen M on Aug 1, 2016
To supplement Classical Conversations Cycle 2 History
Jessica W on Jul 28, 2016
Listening to SOTW in the car means we do history even on the busiest days, it saves my voice, prevents backseat bickering, and gives us time to get to some of the awesome enrichment in the activity book... it is worth every penny
Erin M on Jul 22, 2016
Kids asked for it!
User on Jul 20, 2016
for children to listen to in center time.
Sonia M on Jul 16, 2016
It follows along with our curriculum for Classical Conversations Cycle 2
MICHELLE C on Jul 10, 2016
great for the car ride. he has such a soothing, interesting voice.
Michele C on Jul 6, 2016
Story of the world audiobook has served us well in the past, we are looking forward to volume 2
Pam C on Jun 15, 2016
this is something that has been proven valuable to other families
heather l on Jun 3, 2016
Love Jim Weiss!
User on Jun 2, 2016
Gearing up for Fall 2016
Nadine E on May 19, 2016
This CD series provides a great overview of world history.
Sarah M on May 11, 2016
We used Story of the World Vol. 1 for previous history curriculum. Great for young kids.
Johnna S on Apr 30, 2016
Love the audiobooks! We just sit back, relax, and learn!
Samantha G on Mar 10, 2016
Currently, using this book, but sometimes the info is better retained when listening on the go in the the car for my kids.
HEIDI R on Mar 1, 2016
Love listening to in the car
Amy T on Feb 29, 2016
We listen this in the car during errands to help us get more schoolwork done during the day.
Brian H on Feb 23, 2016
Easy to have learning in the car!!
Karel W on Aug 13, 2019
My kids love listening to the stories and historical events.
Kimmi W on Apr 19, 2019
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