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Item #: 037848
ISBN: 9780936981147
Grades: 7-12
Author: Wanda C. Phillips

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Publisher: ISHA Enterprises
Pub. Date: 2006
Binding: Paper Text
Pages: 347
Edition: Workbook
Language: English
Age Range: 11 to UP
Grade Range: 6 to up

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Category Description for Grades 7-12

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Great grammar program
I have used Easy Grammar with my 5 kids and it is great! Each grammar concept is built upon what they have already learned and there is ample practice and review. Is grammar boring? Yes, to most folks it is, but to write well, you must have good grammar skills. Book reports, English papers, Science reports, college work, thesis, #1 best seller - whatever is your students future writing assignment, Easy Grammar will help!
April 26, 2019
1 year ago
not a fan
Tried this, but switched to something else because we found this boring. I like the idea of a workbook, and found that we like BJU English much better (and that is the only BJU item we use)
December 26, 2018
1 year ago
A favorite
I have homeschooled all five or my sons, and I personally believe that using the same grammar program year after year can be tedious. Therefore, I switch between three of my favorites every three years, and Easy Grammar has been on that list from the beginning. I highly recommend that you consider this program for a year during the late middle-school or high school years.
October 11, 2018
11 months ago
highly recommend
I found out about GP on a homeschool video summit that included Rainbow Resource. I took my notes and did some research.
My student was only grasping minimal grammar. He was about to start high school and that means crunch time. I bought GP as a last resort, and I'm so glad I did.
I bought the workbook and the big teacher book that has one page of answers, and the next page of the student book. (copy pages?) I like having both so we can go over it together when he isn't comprehending something. I see the answers and his page while he can keep his workbook.
Personally, I can't tell you what is different about this book and how it works when others didn't. All that matters is that it is working and even better, it's now becoming fun.
November 25, 2017
Love this book. Along with the teachers guide its easy to teach and understand.
November 17, 2017
1 year ago
It Really Is Easy Grammar
We have used Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and Plus. A couple of times I switched to a different curriculum because I thought maybe it was too easy, but discovered the others don't explain well and are too difficult. We have always gone back to this and really like it.
October 23, 2017
1 year ago
Thorough Grammar Book
Good book for the upper elementary to middle school levels
September 27, 2017
1 year ago
Great workbook.
I am not a fan of copying pages. I think that by the time you copy, punch holes and organize the pages you have spent more time and money than buying the student workbook. I would strongly recommend this workbook to go with Easy Grammar book.
June 3, 2017
over 2 years ago
Easy Grammar!
This is a great program.. Easy to use and my son loves it !
February 8, 2016
over 3 years ago
Simple, Straight-forward Repetition
Great for students who benefit from simple, straight-forward repetition.
October 29, 2015
over 3 years ago
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Rainbow Resource Center Store
LOVE this program!! Have used it for 5th, 6th, and now 7th grades. Repeats and reviews, but uses prepositions to isolate other parts of sentences. Has been a brilliant method for my kids, especially my boy who has struggled with reading, writing and remembering grammar rules. It really works!
Laura S on Aug 20, 2019
class text
norman e on Aug 14, 2019
LOVE this program!! Have used it for 5th, 6th, and now 7th grades. Repeats and reviews, but uses prepositions to isolate other parts of sentences. Has been a brilliant method for my kids, especially my boy who has struggled with reading, writing and remembering grammar rules. It really works!
Laura S on Aug 20, 2019
Homeschool needs
Dwayne S on Aug 19, 2019
class text
norman e on Aug 14, 2019
More convenient and ready-to-go versus making photocopies from the Teacher's Edition.
Napua H on Aug 13, 2019
consumable and convenient
Sharon P on Aug 10, 2019
Easy Grammar is aptly named. It does make grammar easy. Will use again and again.
Celeste O on Aug 9, 2019
need an extra boost
Denise R on Aug 8, 2019
Used for an older child
Christine S on Aug 6, 2019
The Easy Grammar system has been fabulous for our family!
Stacey H on Aug 3, 2019
I have used it before and liked it.
AnnJanette L on Jul 31, 2019
Recommended by my homeschool provider. Looks like fairly short worksheets, which should allow a little more independence.
User on Jun 25, 2019
We're pleased with the Easy Grammar curriculum. Effective and efficient.
User on Jun 22, 2019
Grammar curriculum for my home schooled daughter.
Jennifer H on Jun 20, 2019
Solid program, easy to use, and it gets the job done. I've used it with all 9 of my kids.
Susan K on Jun 17, 2019
The best overall grammar course we've used. Buying for my younger students.
User on May 27, 2019
recommended by a friend
User on May 11, 2019
I chose this book because my older children worked through it and they liked it.
Joanne F on May 6, 2019
I have used easy grammar for two of my kiddos so far, and am looking forward to using it for my 7th grader. I plan to spread it out for two years for her.
Jennifer A on Mar 28, 2019
I have a 7th grader who is dyslexic and has struggled with grammar a lot. A friend recommended this and uses it with her child who is also dyslexic.
Cheryl C on Mar 6, 2019
I've used it many times before. VERY good!
Joesph S on Mar 4, 2019
Easy Grammar is my favorite grammar curriculum. Easy Grammar Plus is my choice for grade 7-8.
Danica J on Feb 22, 2019
I needed something for an older student, and this was a good starting point.
Nicole D on Feb 19, 2019
I appreciate the concise way this is taught.
Martha W on Feb 13, 2019
Quick and easy way to be sure we are covering grammar that they can do mostly on their own.
User on Feb 6, 2019
I am using this for my tutoring students and classroom students
shirley C on Jan 8, 2019
I have the textbook and have used it for several children. I needed the workbook for my son to use.
Liz L on Jan 5, 2019
We have used this grammar book successfully for all of our children, as they begin high school. This workbook is for our last, who will start 9th grade in the fall.
User on Nov 22, 2018
We love this curriculum because of its approach of eliminating prepositional phrases from the sentence.
Tracy B on Nov 16, 2018
Great overview of grammar for highschool students. Nice prep for writing.
HM M on Nov 1, 2018
I need to simplify and streamline my homeschool. The curriculum we were using no longer worked for us.
Denise P on Oct 2, 2018
I have used this with my 3 older children and it has been a useful way to teach grammar. So I order it now for number 4. Simple and easy and do-able level of grammar for our family.
Kathleen J on Sep 13, 2018
I read that the student pages are in the teacher's manual, and while that is true, the pages in the teacher's manual are not perforated, and the answer sheet mirrors the worksheet. Also, there is either teaching content or an answer key on the back of a worksheet. I don't have a photocopier in my home, and it would cost me more to photocopy the pages for my student vs. buying another workbook.
Sherrie L on Sep 11, 2018
I've used this before and liked it.
Chris H on Sep 10, 2018
Needed it for a future year, so I thought I'd go ahead and order it now.
Christy T on Sep 9, 2018
Homeschool Grammar
Good choice very good and easy to follow
Rob B on Sep 7, 2018
My sons older brother does this and really likes it!
Rochelle K on Sep 7, 2018
Christine W on Sep 4, 2018
I have used this program in the past. It's easy to use, precise, to the point, and that's what I like!
Apryll W on Sep 3, 2018
Easy Grammar is really the only mastery-based step by step grammar book I know of.
Noreen L on Aug 30, 2018
goes with another book purchased
Elsie D on Aug 27, 2018
Easy Grammar is hands down the best grammar curriculum in the world!
Diane B on Aug 27, 2018
Needed a good, solid review of English grammar....
Elizabeth B on Aug 25, 2018
Makes it so much easier not to have to photocopy everything
Eva R C on Aug 24, 2018
We love the Easy Grammar series. The information is clearly taught and the format if very flexible.
Jill K on Aug 24, 2018
we've used previously and liked it.
Rachel N on Aug 23, 2018
LOVE, love, love Easy Grammar!
Amy S on Aug 21, 2018
We don't want a lot of busy work so these books are perfect for just teaching the grammar without the fluff!
Lydia V on Aug 20, 2018
book for co-op, simple way to learn grammar, not as teacher intensive as other programs
Angela B on Aug 10, 2018
Easy grammar is just what it says...easy
Kristen M on Aug 7, 2018
Looking for an all-around grammar program for my struggling special-needs student.
Nicole W C on Aug 5, 2018
Homeschool needs
Dwayne S on Aug 19, 2019
More convenient and ready-to-go versus making photocopies from the Teacher's Edition.
Napua H on Aug 13, 2019
Does this grammar book teach diagramming sentences?
User on May 9, 2018
BEST ANSWER: No, Eatsy Grammar does not teach diagramming sentences, HOWEVER, this curriculum series does an AWESOME job of teaching mechanics and grammar. I only wish I had found out about it sooner! I don't know anyone who would not LOVE using the Easy Grammar series for their Language Arts curriculum. It's well done, very affordable and highly effective....I give it 2 thumbs up!!!
Does the easy grammar + workbook include the teaching sections or do I need to buy the teachers plus as well?
A shopper on Sep 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Easy Grammar Plus workbook does not have the answers or teaching prompts. It has a few instructional pages and lists scattered through the lessons for the student to reference. I never used the teacher's manual because I am strong in grammar skills and it was just as easy to read through the student's answers on my own. However, if you need or would prefer to have the answer key and/or prepared lesson notes, you will need a teacher manual.
Can it be used by high schoolers in 9th grade?
A shopper on Aug 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it is a good addition to English 1 for students who need a little more help. It explains things more than the Ultimate Series as that is mostly for review from my experience. Hope this helps!
How long does this curriculum require on a daily basis?
A shopper on May 27, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The curriculum is broken into grammar topics, so you decide how many pages to complete each day, and each day may be different. On average, my kids spend 10-15 minutes a day in a typical 180-day year doing grammar 4 days a week.
What is the difference between easy grammar and easy grammar plus?
A shopper on Sep 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: After Easy Grammar 6, Easy Grammar Plus is next in sequence. I use it for 7th grade with my students. After Plus, the Easy Grammar books for 8th grade & up change format (less teaching, just single-page daily review exercises.)
Does this book contain the answers?
A shopper on Apr 22, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The student workbook does not contain answers. If you want the answers, buy the teacher's version which contains both the student pages and answers together. I purchased both the teacher's version and the student workbook. If you purchase only the teacher's version, but you have to copy each page for the student.
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