Primary Math US 3A Workbook

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Item #: 023995
ISBN: 9789810185046
Grade: 3

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Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 150
Dimensions: 10.25 X 7.5 in.

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We have used Singapore from beginning. I've actually tried other programs but always go back to Singapore. The Pages are not cluttered, lessons are short so you dont loose childs interest, and it's thorough. I do like using the Textbook and Home Instructors Guide with it.
October 8, 2017
1 year ago
I like the US primary math, However we are currently overseas and plan to go to non US one next year.
November 8, 2015
over 3 years ago
I am not a fan of this math curriculum. It is a bit confusing. We are using it but as a supplement.
November 6, 2015
over 3 years ago
We switched to Singapore from a more traditional textbook math Math had once been his favorite subject but was fast becoming drudgery We took the placement test at the Singapore website and placed him in 3A My son is an auditory learner and after only a few weeks I have seen a total turnaround with his thinking about math I see him actually thinking through math problems much like I do as an adult There is a greater emphasis on word problems than our previous math program The placement test is essential
December 20, 2007
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My kids used to do this.
Hui T on Jun 8, 2019
It goes hand in hand with the US 3A Textbook... a must-have!
Alicia C on Mar 9, 2019
My kids used to do this.
Hui T on Jun 8, 2019
Suggested by the teacher
David R on May 16, 2019
It goes hand in hand with the US 3A Textbook... a must-have!
Alicia C on Mar 9, 2019
see comments on 3B workbook
Shelley S on Mar 7, 2019
I have been using Singapore Primary Math for my kids for the last decade or so. Logical progression and easy to use.
Mary D on Feb 22, 2019
we're using Singapore for concrete to abstract understanding in our students so they can catch up to their peers and excel in maths going forward.
Rose W on Feb 13, 2019
I've been through several math programs trying to find one that fit my kids' different learning styles. This one does it!
Amanda L on Jan 21, 2019
Highly recommended
Ronnie S on Jan 7, 2019
I've used it in the past with 3 of my kids and I have 3 more to go.
Rebecca K on Nov 13, 2018
looking for a different math program
Heather N on Sep 15, 2018
I have just completed 2B and I'm pleased with the progress that my granddaughter has made in math.
Barbara O on Sep 8, 2018
We've used Singapore Math for 4 kids. I love the strategies it teaches to think quickly with math.
Melissa L on Sep 1, 2018
Cathy Duffy
claudia H on Sep 1, 2018
We use singapore in our primary and elementary grades, so this is just the next level for my third grader. I like the mastery, unit based teaching of Singapore and feel my kids have solid foundational math skills.
Denise H on Aug 29, 2018
We've been using Primary Math for the lower grades for about three years now. It's just fun enough and hard enough to keep math interesting.
Hannah H on Aug 27, 2018
As a math educator, I love using the singapore primary mathematics curriculum while homeschooling my children. It explains the math concepts in more than one style. My childrens learning styles are very different, but each has learned from this curriculum.
Natalie K on Aug 9, 2018
I love the way Singapore works mental math into their curriculum!
Amy M on Aug 8, 2018
we've used Singapore for our elementary students for years - now buying for our 4th child & love it!
User on Aug 7, 2018
I have used it before and love it!
Chelsie H on Jul 28, 2018
We've used several different math programs, but we always come back to Singapore. Kids come away with a better understanding of the WHY, not just the HOW of doing math. One of my sons wanted to try public school, so he went to school for his 4th-grade year. His teacher told me that he had never had a student who understood math so well. Thank you, Singapore Math!
Michelle B on Jul 7, 2018
Recommended by My Father's World
Valan K on Jun 27, 2018
My child was offered the choice of Teaching Textbooks like her older siblings or Singapore. This is her choice. Good material, presented well.
David M on Jun 23, 2018
This is the workbook in the series that I needed
Sarah R on Jun 13, 2018
We are returning my daughter to Singapore math after taking a year off with another curriculum. I love the emphasis on mathematical thinking and problem solving in the Singapore Primary Mathematics curriculum.
Amanda L on Jun 2, 2018
After using MIquon we move on to Singapore -- my sons is just about ready. I love how Singapore helps kids solve problems and gain skills. It's simple -- but effective and I've had great success with them being able to work fairly independently, which is great for a busy home!
Katherine N on Apr 7, 2018
I prefer to follow the concept sequence as presented in the originally Singapore math, instead of common core.
wendy k on Mar 27, 2018
Having read so many reviews I settled on this curriculum to pick up after RightStart Math C ... we needed a little more practice and a little less of me talking and directing the learning ;0) My boys were ready for a change. We've coupled it with Beast Academy for variety.
ROSANNA G on Mar 26, 2018
I love Singapore math!
Anna W on Feb 23, 2018
Matthew P on Feb 23, 2018
We love Singapore Math. Their process of concrete->pictorial->abstract has made math intuitive and natural for my children (two of whom would learn well with any curricula, and one of whom has dyslexia and trouble memorizing math facts). I like their logical approach, their reasonable amount of review, and their mastery, not spiral, approach. I am an engineer, and math is one of my favorite things in the world - I love that Singapore helps me share that joy with my kids!
Danielle W on Feb 21, 2018
My son has used Singapore math since level 1A. I find it to be a thorough, mental math and easily implemented at home.
Melinda H on Feb 21, 2018
Same as above
Katharine R on Oct 7, 2017
I have used Singapore Math workbooks since 2004. They are easy to teach from and have just the right amount of practice in them. They use teaching graphics that are manipulative-based, so if I need to offer a child more practice with a concept, I can use my own. It is a cost-effective, easy way to ensure my early learners have a solid foundation in math. My oldest is now a high school senior who is dual-enrolled at our local community college. He is taking Calculus 4 this term and doing great!
Keola F on Sep 18, 2017
My son needs it.
Joy W on Sep 7, 2017
My older son uses Singapore, and will need this soon.
Julianne D on Aug 23, 2017
home school math
Ashley H on Aug 21, 2017
My son is doing well with the Singapore curriculum. Going to stay with what works rather than trying another curriculum.
User on Jun 30, 2017
We've enjoyed using Primary Mathematics with our children.
Karen B on Jun 4, 2017
I used this curriculum with my first two children during their elementary years. It prepared them for higher math when abstract thinking is needed. They scored well on the ACT because of the foundation laid by Singapore Math. Now I'm using it with my younger children.
Jennifer C on May 18, 2017
same as above
Michiko M on Apr 7, 2017
I love Singapore Math!
Jennifer M on Jan 11, 2017
I needed it for my daughter
Hilary T on Jan 10, 2017
My kids understand this better
Tabatha L on Dec 12, 2016
As a former math teacher, I am very happy with the US Edition of Primary Mathematics so far. My children are proficient at visualizing numbers, actually UNDERSTANDING fractions and using their brains to solve problems (instead of only knowing "a method").
Margaret P on Nov 19, 2016
Love Singapore Math! Have been using it for years!!!!!!!
SILVIA C on Oct 19, 2016
I have the textbook and needed the workbooks
User on Sep 30, 2016
We love Singapore Math!
Cathy H on Sep 19, 2016
I have used Singapore Math books with 4 of my children so far and they really benefit from this method most in the area of learning mental math (ie. counting by 100s, 10s, and 1s).
Kristine L on Sep 7, 2016
these are the math books we have used for two years. I would highly recommend them.
Angela B on Aug 26, 2016
To go with the textbooks I already own
Krista B on Aug 25, 2016
Suggested by the teacher
David R on May 16, 2019
see comments on 3B workbook
Shelley S on Mar 7, 2019
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