Primary Math US 2A Workbook

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Item #: 023993
ISBN: 9789810185008
Grade: 2

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Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 174
Dimensions: 10.25 X 7.5 in.

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My girls like this workbook. It is easy to use.
December 8, 2018
9 months ago
Primary Math US 2A Workbook
Very good seller.
Cheaper price than Amazon
Good quality
Fast shipping
August 19, 2017
1 year ago
Singapore Math
We have thoroughly enjoyed Singapore Math 1A-5B. Singapore has helped build a strong foundation in math for all of our boys; they excel in particular in applied math.
September 16, 2016
over 2 years ago
We began using Singapore Math in 3rd grade when our son could not catch on to math concepts(he had no trouble in other subjects wonderful reader reading high above grade level)and after trying different curriculums we started with Book 1 He loved the program He quickly went from book to book Just last week after learning a new concept he said "oh I see it mom!" Our son also enjoyed the black & white pages so he could color them The paper is smooth and fun to color We have started our 2nd grader & pre-K children with this program I would like to add that I have supplemented the children at different times when they needed extra practice Thank You
November 5, 2007
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For a second child working on the same level
Sarah N on May 26, 2019
Singapore Math is THE BEST!
Faith R on Mar 21, 2019
For a second child working on the same level
Sarah N on May 26, 2019
We currently use this curriculum for Math and simply need the level.
Carrie P on Apr 1, 2019
Singapore Math is THE BEST!
Faith R on Mar 21, 2019
Been using it for the year.
Jessica W on Mar 14, 2019
I prefer Singapore Math for my younger kids.
User on Nov 27, 2018
my daughter has flourished with Singapore math 1b. We switched over from the critical thinking company. We loved that but I feel she has a math brain and this just seems to really work for her.
Heather B on Nov 15, 2018
It is an awesome math curriculum!
Crystal H on Oct 19, 2018
Used Singapore math for kindergarten and 1st grade and really like it
Jennifer G on Oct 8, 2018
Extra practice to supplement MathUSee
Marissa Y on Oct 1, 2018
We used the 1B workbook and would like to continue with the series.
Michelle F on Oct 1, 2018
Really like using this series
Sherry O on Sep 29, 2018
we like using this for a different approach to math. very helpful for mental math process.
seth b on Sep 7, 2018
I use this math program for my homeschooled children. It is very easy for the kids to understand and is a great way to learn math.
April M on Sep 7, 2018
We have used this math program for our three kids, and it has made them all good at math, especially solving problems in their head. Concepts, not memorizing so they can always find the answers.
Teresa C on Aug 13, 2018
I've been through this series and this book with several of my children, and I love the foundation it sets for my kids in mathematics.
Kevin A on Aug 8, 2018
Need something different for my 7 year old. I have thought about singapore and decided to give it a try.
Mandi M on May 23, 2018
Singapore PM provides a gentle, playful, uncluttered math education. The variety of exercises, the frequent game-type activities, and the (generally) few problems per page worked well for one of my children; I'm hoping they are equally successful with the next.
Shereen V on Apr 29, 2018
We have used sinagpore math for 2 years now
Dana P on Apr 24, 2018
My son, who is in K, has done Primary Math 1A and 1B. He needed a new math book . He is in kindergarten and is doing subtraction problems in his head. He loves numbers and the books explain things to him very well.
Amanda E on Apr 2, 2018
We've used Singapore math for years and after trying multiple others this is what works for our family.
User on Mar 16, 2018
Great curriculum! I've used this with all my children!
Laurel C on Feb 24, 2018
Love Singapore Math! Have used it for 4 of my 6 kids. Great for learning to do math in your head! Great for kids who are good or average at math. Wouldn't recommend it for Math strugglers, as it doesn't have enough repetition unless you supplement.
Patricia Elaine K on Feb 11, 2018
I have 2nd graders and this is the math curriculum that My Father's World recommends!
Robyn S on Jan 29, 2018
All three of my homeschool boys have used Singapore Math and have always enjoyed it.
Angela O on Sep 24, 2017
need it for class
Hien C on Aug 22, 2017
Referred by friend
Alouse D on Aug 20, 2017
This has worked really well for my daughter who is dyslexic
Belinda C on Aug 18, 2017
hits the concepts without the busy work for a math-comes-easy kid
Karen on Aug 8, 2017
Recommended by a friend
Jan S on Jul 19, 2017
because its new item and few dollars cheaper than Amazon & Ebay sites.
GHUFRAN ULLAH S on Jul 19, 2017
best math books for my kids
Vilma P on Jul 15, 2017
this is the math we use
Rachel S on Jun 28, 2017
I love this math program. This workbook provides practice to use in conjunction with the textbook.
Cortney P on Jun 24, 2017
It is recommended for our curriculum
Lynn V on Jun 8, 2017
Our family has been blessed with Singapore's Primary Math program thus far. I am ordering the next level needed for my children.
Anne M on May 19, 2017
For the most part, I like the way P.M. teaches math, I do find that for one of my children math is more challenging so extra practice is necessary, these workbooks tend to move on quickly, supplementing with the intensive practice books might be necessary.
Petra F on May 17, 2017
We liked Primary Math US 1A and 1B, so we are sticking with the program.
Yoshimi H on May 1, 2017
I love the singapore math series for our family!
Michele M on May 1, 2017
Same as above
Brenda T on May 1, 2017
Advanced Math
susan t on Apr 13, 2017
We have used Singapore Math for 5 other kids. At about levels 4-5, we switch to Teaching Textbooks (it gets too hard for me!).
Allison H on Mar 23, 2017
This is my 4th child working through Singapore Math - I've been so pleased with the simple format and the way they've understood math. Works for mom and for the kids.
Julie S on Mar 20, 2017
We've been using Singapore Math for fifteen years now. It is the only primary math for us.
User on Jan 30, 2017
This method of teaching mathematics has worked well for my daughter for 2nd and 3rd grade. As a homeschooler I like the simplicity of implementing this curricula.
Jessica A on Dec 18, 2016
Have used this with previous children and LOVE it!
Cynthia A on Dec 7, 2016
As a former math teacher, I am very happy with the US Edition of Primary Mathematics so far. My children are proficient at visualizing numbers, actually UNDERSTANDING fractions and using their brains to solve problems (instead of only knowing "a method").
Margaret P on Nov 19, 2016
Continuing a math curriculum that is working for my child.
Laura T on Nov 11, 2016
Singapore Math works for our family. Both boys do really well with their methods.
Eric K on Oct 25, 2016
"easy to use for after school supplemental homework to keep my child a few steps ahead"
User on Sep 23, 2016
next in series
Kelly S on Sep 9, 2016
We currently use this curriculum for Math and simply need the level.
Carrie P on Apr 1, 2019
Been using it for the year.
Jessica W on Mar 14, 2019
What is difference between primary mathematics and primary mathematics standard edition? there is price difference
User on Sep 22, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Primary Math US Edition and Primary Math SE are more similar than they are different. Both incorporate the general Singaporian methodology. Both have textbooks and workbooks for each half level. Both are fast-paced with an emphasis on problem-solving skills and mental math. Both have a bit of a foreign "feel" to them.

The SE is aligned to the 1997 CA math standards. These standards are coordinated with the Asian countries. Accordingly, there were relatively few changes that had to be made to Primary Math to bring it into alignment with the standards. A few topics have been rearranged. There are some instances where a topic is re-taught or reviewed in the SE and not in the US. There is slightly more material in the area of data analysis in the SE.

It's possible to switch between the two editions at the complete level but switching should not be done in-between levels. For instance, a student could complete US 3B and then do SE 4A but should not do US 3A and then SE 3B.

The US edition only has color in the level 1-3 texts - all workbooks are black and white. The SE edition is more colorful - in levels 1-6 texts - but the workbooks are still black and white.

Unless the student wants/needs material aligned to the 1997 CA standards, there is probably not a compelling reason to choose the SE over the US but it does appear that the Home Instructor's Guides for the SE are more user-friendly. There are currently no HIGs for SE 6A and 6B.
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