Story of the World Vol. 1 2nd Edition: Ancient Times (Paperback)

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Item #: 010992
ISBN: 9781933339009
Grades: 1-5
Author: Susan Wise Bauer

Additional Details

Publisher: Peace Hill Press
Contributor:Jeff West (Illustrator)
Pub. Date: April 2006
Binding: Perfect
Pages: 338
Dimensions: 5.38 x 8.32 x .84 in.; .99 lbs.
Edition: Revised, illustrated
Language: English
Series Title: The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child Ser.
Audience: General Adult

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Like the Story Format; not enough depth
I figured I would love the SOTW but it fails to deliver in a few key areas. First the pros in my opinion: the cost is fantastic, it covers a great deal of information, the activity book goes along nicely with it and I couldn't imagine using it without the activity book; the list of other recommended resources is VERY helpful and we use them all the time (lists are found in the activity book); I was most attracted to the story format and the kids enjoy that method of delivery.

Cons: There just isn't enough depth to retain the information. It almost spans too much while grasping little. We have been using this now for over half a year and have found to really retain information, we add on quite a few other materials such as biographies, A Child's History of the World, of course the Usbourne and Kingfisher History Encyclopedias, and timelines. So, while this has been a good spine for us, it is not nearly thorough enough to be used as a stand alone resource. I'm not sure that was the author's intention anyway since there are so many recommended books in the activity book. However, for retention sake, I've found us sticking with some areas of history (for example right now we're on Ancient Greece) for much longer than the book intends.

We will continue using it for a spine but I was hoping for a more thorough history view. I still have to find many resources to make this more retainable.
March 5, 2019
1 year ago
We love this book!
This is an incredible book! Definitely a must-have!
October 8, 2018
10 months ago
must read
Excellent, I would recommend it for a classical education of a wise future generation.
February 10, 2017
over 2 years ago
Currently using this for my kindergartener and a first grader. Both children are enjoying it. I makes my job to teach them easier.
November 3, 2015
over 3 years ago
Maybe too advanced for 1st grade
We started this with my 1st grader this year. There are a lot of great activities to go along with the story but it seems like it may be too advanced for her right now or that she may benefit more from it when her brothers are old enough to participate in the experiments/activities with her. I also think these first years would be better spent learning more about our nation.
November 1, 2015
over 4 years ago
We love Story of the World! I always hated history in school even though I got straight A's I knew that I didn't have a coherent picture of the past Teaching history to my kids used to scare me until I found this curriculum First I borrowed and read through the Ancient Times book I couldn't put it down! I kept asking my husband things like "Have you ever heard of the Fertile Crescent?" "Did you know about the pictures carved into the ground in South America?" I had never learned about these things! Next I bought the book and activity book I am amazed at how much is packed into the activity book! I spent some time going through it picked out the activities I wanted to do made a list and went to town to buy simple supplies and make copies of the coloring pages The kids are so curious about the macaroni noodles grass seed clay and dowels that I got for history Now I will have practically no more prep time and the projects are going to be so fun to do!Final test: How do the kids like it? After the section about archaeology my 6 year old begged "Would you read that again?" He wanted to hear the text again before they went out on their own 'archaeological dig!' Today when I pulled out the book my 5 and 6 year olds said "Horray! History!" My 2 year old even participates in coloring and 'helping' with the projects and the reading sections aren't long I am able to read them before she gets too bored I'm so happy to have this resource to begin teaching my kids (and myself) all about history! One more note: although this is not a Christian curriculum it does respect the Christian perspective There is no talk of evolution or the evolutionary time-line In the book lists of the activity book there are notes about the books that have evolutionary content or nudity or might have content that is just too frightening for some children I really appreciate this!
June 10, 2011
We used Story of the World #1 as our 1st grade history text as recommended in the Well-Trained Mind This was an excellent grammar stage text for studying ancient history There are 42 lessons and many of them are told in a story format which helped hold my son's attention We did one lesson per week There is a separate Activity Book which I recommend purchasing though it is at least double the price of the text book The book can be used alone of course but the Activity Book has a lot of good ideas in it for bringing history alive in a hands-on manner If you don't get the Activity Book you'll need to get your maps from some other source (such as Blackline Maps of World History Complete Set) This is considered to be not only a history course but a geography course as well
August 2, 2009
We have thoroughly enjoyed this history program! ALL of my children have been able to participate on some levelThey LOVE listening to the chapters being read and I especially like the activity guide with the coloring pages narration questions activities and additional book liststhe children have enjoyed the maps and coloring pages They have learned SO much this year about ancient history and it amazes me how much they remember! My kids are ages 2 4 6 and 8--there is SO much you can add to this curriculum if you wish but if you choose to use it just as it is without anything extra then that is totally fine and so much more enriching than doing nothing at allI also like the ease of using this program! It is pick up and go every time we are ready to do history!
February 26, 2008
The story format of this history text is interesting and short enough for my first grader but I could see that an older child would get a lot deeper with the same material I would strongly suggest the activity book to go with the history text if only for the matching maps and coloring sheets I think that as my daughter colors a picture of what I am reading about-- while I read it-- that she is paying attention on multiple levels instead of her mind wandering The texts are short enough for a single session with each chapter broken into manageable chunks As an adult I really appreciate the worldwide take on history-- not just Europe in here!
October 25, 2007
My daughter used to complain about history until we got this book She is really interested in the stories (and so am I!) and doesn't complain about history any more We used the activity book the 1st year but didn't do everything Mostly we read some of the suggested books in there This year I am only getting the test book to use as review of what she reads She was 10 when she did this book and we did the 2nd also and now will be doing the 3rd this year My daughter is very visual but even though this doesn't have many pictures it didn't matter since the stories are so interesting She comes back to tell me things she read in the book so I know she's retaining the information and understanding it which she didn't in the more traditional history textbooks we used to do
August 3, 2007
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Rainbow Resource Center Store
Suggested textbook from our homeschool co-op.
Deitra M on Jul 19, 2019
I have used this text before. We are cycling back through the Story of the World volumes and needed additional texts for independent reading.
Kelly G on Jan 2, 2019
Suggested textbook from our homeschool co-op.
Deitra M on Jul 19, 2019
Using this as a curriculum choice for 4 years.
User on Apr 7, 2019
I have used this text before. We are cycling back through the Story of the World volumes and needed additional texts for independent reading.
Kelly G on Jan 2, 2019
Heard good things
Samantha D on Nov 12, 2018
I've heard good things about it
Mary L on Nov 7, 2018
Came highly recommended by an experienced homeschool mom friend, who says that learning all world history chronologically (and from a biblical perspective) is critical to an educated understanding of the world as we know it today.
Samantha P on Oct 18, 2018
Recommended as a good history series.
Wendy on Sep 27, 2018
It was recommended
Angela Susan H on Sep 27, 2018
Matches with CC curriculum
Karrie N on Aug 20, 2018
required by homeschool coop
Kristy B on Aug 17, 2018
This material sounds like it makes history more enjoyable to learn .
Ashley A on Aug 13, 2018
We are listening to story of the world this year for history, I am so hands on for other subjects I needed something easy and doable for history.
Eric D on Aug 1, 2018
Needed for Co-op
Dawn J on Jul 18, 2018
We love SOTW, and needed to complete our collection with VOL I.
Jenna B. on Jul 17, 2018
We LOVE Story of the World. So entertaining and love doing history in the car!
Emily D on Jul 2, 2018
Want to try the series and see if my daughter learns from it.
Crystal P on May 13, 2018
Homeschool co-op book
Melissa S on Jan 29, 2018
timber doodle
Sally H on Jan 4, 2018
We are using as our spine for our Wayfarers curriculum history.
Rebecca on Jan 3, 2018
we needed a new history program and this came highly recommended
hannah t on Dec 26, 2017
used it before with a student and want it for my child. great bargain books price.
Patricia C on Nov 6, 2017
All of the reviews said this was good curriculum for multiple grades
Erika M on Oct 30, 2017
I had heard good things from those who used this curriculum. I was not terribly fond of history in school and didn't want a repeat for my child.
Desiree N on Oct 16, 2017
This book is required reading for Build Your Library Grade 1 curriculum. As well as for use with "The Well-Trained Mind: A guide to classical education at home", both of which we are using this year.
Mary Ellen M on Sep 29, 2017
All of the books I ordered were part of Sonlight Core G. You all had the best price. Thanks!!
Kimberly S on Sep 25, 2017
Highly recommended by many homeschooling families.
Bethany S on Sep 15, 2017
to supplement my granddaughter's education
Diane H on Sep 14, 2017
Part of our Sonlight curriculum requirement and we like the author's style
Kristi C on Sep 3, 2017
Recommended by friends
Heather M on Aug 29, 2017
I'm currently using Story of the World Volume 2 as a spine with our curriculum (Build your library) and I just love it, so I thought I would pick up volume 1 and to use in the future. It's great to find a text that is thorough and so affordable.
Diana G on Mar 10, 2017
This is the best history curriculum out there. You can tailor it to your child's grade and it's extremely engaging.
Alexandra F on Feb 28, 2017
part of "Build Your Library" curriculum for 1st grade
Brendan M on Jan 27, 2017
Heard good things about this curriculum, so we wanted to try it out.
Sarah B on Jan 26, 2017
Have used in past.
Bridget R on Dec 11, 2016
This is part of our Kindergarten curriculum.
Chandos V on Oct 13, 2016
Keeping up with my homeschooled grandchildren!
V I on Sep 13, 2016
was highly recommended
Jane F on Sep 7, 2016
school reading list
Dawn K on Aug 20, 2016
AnaLisa G on Aug 14, 2016
correlates to our classical conversations history
Natashya G on Aug 5, 2016
what our school recommended
Rebecca D on Jul 5, 2016
My sister in law recommended it as a good "all inclusive" start for homeschooling.
Thora J on Jun 9, 2016
Recommended on homeschool site
Jennifer R on Apr 22, 2016
We are beginning a group lesson and this is our chosen curriculum
Dana G on Mar 18, 2016
Nice book - full of information.
James M on Mar 11, 2016
I purchased this because of the reviews I read from other homeschool mothers. I think this will be a fun addition to our 1st grade curriculum.
Theresa C on Feb 18, 2016
I have heard that this is a great tool to use for homeschooling multiples in the family, and we are studying Ancient History with our Classical Conversations community this year, so I thought it would be great to aid in our learning. As a mom I am learning just as much as my kids!!
Rebekah L on Feb 17, 2016
recommended by someone
User on Jan 26, 2016
My son's teacher recommended this book
Elaine S on Jan 14, 2016
I've heard this is a must for classical educators. I was hoping to buy the audio, but I did not really like the narrator, so am going with the regular book.
Lindy S on Nov 27, 2015
Using this as a curriculum choice for 4 years.
User on Apr 7, 2019
Heard good things
Samantha D on Nov 12, 2018
Can anyone refer me to a curriculum that is similar to Story of the World (with an Audio format) for younger kids? Grade K
A shopper on Aug 30, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I use SOW with my youngest, while my olders listen. Of course, I'm planning on doing a 3ish year cycle so I'm introducing everything to him this time around and he will do more with it the next time around.
Are all the history reference books needed for this or is just one enough (Kingfisher or Usborne)?
A shopper on Jun 28, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Neither are needed if you are able to use reliable internet resources but they are incredibly useful especially Usborne! it has wonderful interactive activities that allow the students to do things like virtually visit an Egyptian pyramid and the illustrations are amazing!
What does s/c stand for?
A shopper on Jun 6, 2016
BEST ANSWER: s/c stands for softcover. You may see other designations meaning the same thing: paperback, sc, or pb. I'm sorry for the confusion.
What is the difference between the revised edition and the older edition? I have the older one and would like to know if I really need to upgrade. Thanks for your time.
Janel B on Nov 5, 2015
Story of the World Vol. 1 2nd Edition: Ancient Times (Paperback)
Story of the World Vol. 1 2nd Edition: Ancient Times (Paperback)
Story of the World Vol. 1 2nd Edition Activity Book (Paperback)
Story of the World Vol. 1 2nd Edition Activity Book (Paperback)
I am using the Story of the World series to teach Ancient History at a homeschool co-op. Some of my students have the original and some have the revised books. Since some of the families had already owned the book, I have tried to make adjustments when needed so that the families did not have to buy a new edition. So far, most of the content is the same with an infrequent difference in a map between the editions. I don't see it necessary to upgrade. Have a great night.
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