Saxon Phonics Program K Home Study Kit

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Item #: 001826
ISBN: 9781565771925
EAN: 251500344760
Grade: K

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Publisher: Saxon Publishers

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Great for busy parents...which is all of us!
I'm a busy working outside the home and doing the work of making a home mom. My pre-K daughter asked me to teach her to read and this program has been perfect for us. It truly has everything you need except a pencil. Our "lessons" have become greatly needed quality time. Additionally, she read her first word today! It is a joy to share these precious moments of learning with her. Therected is minimal preparation work required....the lesson plan even offers a complete script for inexperienced teachers to use. It is very good.
March 13, 2017
over 2 years ago
What an awesome product! I spent nearly a half year trying to decide on a program for my son who would be homeschooling Kindergarten this year I wasn't even sure I wanted a program at all as he is very much a boy - wiggly and not at all that happy to sit down to workbook-style "work" When we started he was just beginning to attempt sounding out 2 and 3 letter words We're just now into our "second" semester and he's reading full length readers and can tell people what that silent "e" changes in words I'm amazed and would totally recommend this to anyone even those who might be looking for a more "relaxed" method (or no method at all) The price is steep but worth it I'll be buying Saxon phonics 1 for next year!
February 26, 2010
When my son was five I had no idea how to teach phonics or reading Saxon made me feel like I had a teacher sitting over my shoulder and guiding me as I taught my children to read To be honest it taught me things I never knew either I loved this program so much I have continued to use it right up through grade 2 My son reads very well and my now 5 year old daughter has completed Saxon K and is trying to read everything her brother does Other than reading over the lesson the night before there is little preparation for the parent Saxon has done everything for me It is a wonderful program that incorporates all learning styles and it is very much worth the price
February 18, 2008
I was in a panic this past summer when my 4 year old started each day by asking me when I was going to teach him to read How could I possibly teach another person to read? A dear friend suggested Saxon Phonics K as a solid starting point for him since we would be homeschooling anyway so I took the plunge and purchased the home study kitIt was a most worthy investment as my now 4 and a half year old is reading better than I ever expected after only 6 months of instruction Granted we're not talking chapter books or anything like that- but he can very successfully read any readers that use only short vowel sounds (long vowel sounds are covered in Phonics 1) and he tries very hard to decode any other sounds he encounters It's wonderful to see him love reading so much I was worried at first because he's not a "sit down and do work" kind of kid I think his desire to learn to read really got him off on the right foot What I love most about it is that every lesson is scripted That eased my concerns about not being able to teach him "the right way" There is also very little advance preparation needed Sometimes you might need to gather common household items to illustrate letter sounds but I haven't had to go out and purchase anything additional or go to any great lengths to do a lesson on any given dayThe only suggestion I can make is this- If handwriting is something you haven't explored yet you might want to either be prepared to enforce proper letter formation as you teach or find a good handwriting curriculum to use at the same time There isn't a huge amount of handwriting in the Saxon Phonics 1 program but there is enough to cause a problem if it's not done correctly to start! Your child will practice writing each letter as they are learned In our case I wasn't providing any solid handwriting instruction nor was I enforcing proper form and so he has developed some very bad habits that I'm now going to attempt to break with Handwriting Without TearsWe will be continuing with the Saxon Phonics 1 program next year without a doubt! It's a perfect fit for us!
February 17, 2008
This program is so awesome! It is so easy to work with My son knows exactly what to expect each week with learning new letters He loves the games and the readers He is reading words wonderfully! I will be continuing him in the Saxon program I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested I was afraid to teach phonics at the very beginning but the teacher's manual is so easy to follow and there is so little prep work
February 12, 2008
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I am using Saxon Phonics with my current 3rd grader and he is making leaps and bounds progress so I decided to purchase this for my upcoming kinder!
Amy D on Mar 22, 2018
Good reviews.
Dominique L on Mar 1, 2018
I am using Saxon Phonics with my current 3rd grader and he is making leaps and bounds progress so I decided to purchase this for my upcoming kinder!
Amy D on Mar 22, 2018
Have used before and it was a very successful program.
Constance H D on Mar 2, 2018
Good reviews.
Dominique L on Mar 1, 2018
Help ESL learners
Lisa M on Jan 15, 2018
Did some research and spoke with a consultant at Rainbow Resources, and I felt like this program was the right fit for my student's needs.
Heath D on Oct 31, 2016
Saxon Phonics is the program that my older two children used in public school and they are awesome readers. When that school closed, the new school didn't use the Saxon Phonics program. My youngest is struggling with reading even small books so I am taking matters into my own hands, so to speak. I am confident that this program works as I have seen how well students take to the program. I can't wait to start this with my son.
Elizabeth K on Oct 3, 2016
Recommended to me.
Elyssia E on Feb 12, 2016
I need to reinforce and strengthen my children's education. Without being an educator, this program appears to provide me with that avenue. I hope it is a great success for our family!
Christi N on Dec 2, 2015
Have used before and it was a very successful program.
Constance H D on Mar 2, 2018
Help ESL learners
Lisa M on Jan 15, 2018
When do you expect to have this item in stock?
A shopper on Jun 12, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Unfortunately, the Saxon Phonics program is "going away." We still have some grade level 1 and 2 kits and items in our inventory but when those are gone, we will not be able to re-stock. We are all very sad about the loss of this excellent phonics program but the publisher has decided not to reprint the series. The K level is no longer available as a kit although we still have student workbooks available.
Did you have to adapt the content to your way of speaking English (if not General American English) ?
A shopper on Feb 18, 2019
Saxon Phonics Program K Home Study Kit
Saxon Phonics Program K Home Study Kit
Saxon Phonics Program 1 Home Study Kit
Saxon Phonics Program 1 Home Study Kit
Saxon Phonics Program 2 Home Study Kit
Saxon Phonics Program 2 Home Study Kit
BEST ANSWER: I have not had to make any adjustments, and I am from Canada. You may have some differences in spelling (such as colour/color and centre/center), but that is all I found. This is a wonderful curriculum! It prepares children aurally for concepts (such as blending, syllables, sentences) long before they are required to actually apply such things on paper. You will be surprised at how much your child is learning, yet in a very simple, methodical progression. I totally recommend this! You can even use letter tiles if your child is not ready to start handwriting. (However, I would suggest they learn to write all their letters before Saxon 1 as they may be overwhelmed if not.)
Does the kit include the teacher's edition?
A shopper on Oct 28, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The kit does include the teacher's manual, which provides the narrative and instructions for each lesson as well as a lengthy introduction on how to use the program.
Is there a table of contents for level k and level one that I can preview online to seem which skills are taught?
A shopper on Aug 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I don't know if there is one online but having purchased the program, it basically lists the order that the letters are introduced starting with l, o, g, h, t etc.
Does this kit come with letter tiles?
A shopper on Mar 30, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It comes with 3 stacks of flash cards (a little smaller than 3x5 cards): one is called "letter cards" and has just the letters/blends on them, one is called "picture cards" and has each letter/blend with corresponding picture cue next to it, and lastly there are the "spelling cards" which have teacher prompts for how to say (and direct your child to say and write) each letter/blend.
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