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Item #: 001519
ISBN: 9781889673004
Grades: 4-12

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Publisher: Precious Memories

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Easy to use
This is easy to use and clear to follow instructions. I bought it because it had the hands-on aspect. The cards do help my children but after a while they stop using them. However, they are really handy when kids get stuck. The lessons are short. I do feel we go through them really quickly so I'll probably have to look into another grammar program down the road. One thing I wish it had was punctuations. They focus on parts of speech but no punctuations. Overall my kids enjoy them. If not for anything else, just the fact my children have no complaints, I'd buy it again!
February 7, 2018
1 year ago
Winston Grammar
Our 11 year old right brained learner is enjoying Winston Grammar. It is definitely reinforcing basic grammar for her. Each lesson takes 45 plus minutes because of the color coded cards. However, I feel it's worth it.
September 24, 2016
over 2 years ago
Easy to Teach
Everything that I needed to start grammar lessons was in the packet. My daughter took to Winston Grammar (Basic Level) pretty easily and is retaining the information very well. Also, I was encouraged when her certified academic language therapist told me that she incorporates Winston Grammar into her program.
April 24, 2016
over 3 years ago
Dyslexia and Autism
So far, this is the most effective grammar tool we have used in our home. My oldest son has Autism and Dyslexia. We needed something with a multi-sensory approach, and we have found it! My younger son is using it as well and enjoys it very much.
March 12, 2016
over 3 years ago
Best grammar curriculum ever!
I was homeschooled from fourth grade through highschool and my mom tried many, many different grammar curriculums. This was the only one that "worked"! Consequently when I decided to homeschool I knew what I wanted to use for grammar.
I've learned that being the teacher of a curriculum is different than being the student of it. However, I was pleasantly surprised how easy and yes, even fun, it made grammar for us!
Hands down best grammar EVER!
October 29, 2015
over 3 years ago
My 8th grader has really struggled with grammar I mean really struggled It just wasn't sinking in A friend suggested we use Winston Grammar After asking the Rainbow consultants we decided to give it a try with our 8th grader and 5th grader The difference is WONDERFUL! Winston Grammar uses color coded cards to identify each part of speech The lessons are straight forward and short Parts of speech are introduced one at a time There is plenty of opportunity for review before new concepts are introduced Teacher preparation is minimal The teacher's manual is very straight forward This has worked really well for teaching the parts of speech in a simple and effective manner
September 13, 2013
I choose Winston Grammar for a more hands on approach that appeals to my active boys The program works well for my 9 year old and 12 year old and we can easily work together through the lessons I teach the lesson from the easy to use teacher's manual and write the sentences on a dry-erase board from the workbook and the boys work together on the sentence I also test them individually to make sure they understand the concept There is a lot of review in the program which is a benefit I like that the levels of this program aren't related to grades so that a struggling student doesn't feel like they are "behind" Each level would work for a range of ages I highly recommend this program to anyone who isn't seeing results with a workbook program or those with active children who would enjoy a hands on approach I'm looking forward to purchasing the other levels of this program
September 5, 2013
What a refreshing blessing this program has been for us After using many programs with previous children and finding their long term retention so poor I decided to go with a gut feeling that I had and try Winston Grammar This program is much more than meets the eye On the surface it looks almost too simple but using the cards kinisthetically and as clues to learn grammar parts is pure genius to me and I plan on using it with the rest of my children The cards really brought grammar to life for me and my son and the TM gives you instruction on what to teach while keeping it simple and not overwhelming your child I am doing the lessons right alongside of him so that this time around even I get it We do 3-4 sentences a day as the program intended and this has kept us from forgetting what we have learned previously There is constant review as you are labeling parts of speech with each lesson so we did not even need to order the supplementary book but I can see where it would be necessary for a younger child or even as extra review Winston is a definite keeper for us! We are eager to begin Winston Advanced next year Dee in Sunny FL!
February 24, 2009
Winston Grammar is helping my son to understand grammar! He is almost 11 and has Asperger's Syndrome and specific language disability Until a couple of months ago he could not differentiate a noun from any other part of speech We had tried multiple combination language arts curricula as well as other grammar-specific programs and I was shocked to find out earlier this year that he could not tell me what a noun was and didn't know how to identify one in a sentence After reading some reviews on the internet I decided to give Winston Grammar a try What a find! This program is so simple but innovative The clue cards are pure genius! My son is a kinesthetic and visual learner and the cards give him the ability to "build" the sentences and "see" the parts of speech Another aspect of the program which we both like is how little time it requires My son usually does 3-4 sentences a day in about 5-10 minutes It does my heart good to hear my son use the noun clue questions aloud and know that he finally understands what a noun is and how it functions in a sentence! This is a fabulous grammar program a steal at its modest price!
June 14, 2008
This finally taught grammar to my children They would know it for a few weeks then totally forget it if not reviewing all the time You are working on all parts of speech every day as you learn them that way they are not so easy to forget It is very teacher friendly has short to the point lessons no prep needed on my part I bought the supplemental book to use with the regular set since we struggled and I wanted them to really get it We did 4 - 5 sentences each day I used it for grades 5 6 & 9 They all benefited I recommend it to all homeschoolers I meet who have children struggling with grammar
June 7, 2007
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I used it when I was a homeschooler and now I am teaching my kids.
Nathan S on Mar 27, 2019
It was recommended for my dyslexic child
Jason H on Nov 12, 2018
I used it when I was a homeschooler and now I am teaching my kids.
Nathan S on Mar 27, 2019
Reviews were good.
Christine H on Nov 20, 2018
It was recommended for my dyslexic child
Jason H on Nov 12, 2018
Used by others at the Children's Dyslexia Centers.
cathy b on Nov 7, 2018
Mekidim T on Nov 6, 2018
curriculum consultant recommended this
Megan H on Oct 10, 2018
My daughter has severe dyslexia along with other learning disabilities. I wanted a program that was hands on verses a lot of writing! Another homeschooling mom recommended this program along with it being one of Cathy Duffy's top pick!
Tina G on Oct 8, 2018
I was looking for a hands-on product that would be a good fit for my special needs son.
Erin P on Sep 4, 2018
going to try with my 10 year old.
Mian Akif S on Aug 13, 2018
heard it was good for students who do better with hands on learning
Terry B on Jul 11, 2018
Homeschool grammar
muhammed o on Jul 7, 2018
Highly recommended for children with dysgraphia.
Pavlina D on Jul 6, 2018
Need extra grammar practice for my 4th and 6th grader
Sherri O on Mar 15, 2018
Highly recommended for my dyslexic. I think she will love the color-coded cards and hands-on approach.
User on Feb 7, 2018
not understanding saxon
Jennifer m on Jan 30, 2018
"i like interactive cause it is best for my child''s learning style"
Soo D on Dec 12, 2017
Julia B on Oct 5, 2017
has great ratings, am looking for a better grammar program
Lisa F on Oct 3, 2017
Great reviews from other homeschooling moms I know and respect.
Karyn H on Aug 30, 2017
I heard from a friend this was a straight forward and solid way to learn grammar.
Erica R on Aug 28, 2017
This is terrific for my kinesthetic 15-yr-old struggling learner. She enjoys doing this and the hands-on and short lessons aid both in recall and painlessness!
Julie O on May 16, 2017
We just finished Grammar Ace. Grammar does not interest my kids or me for that matter. I wanted something more hands on to help keep everyone interested and to aid in our understanding.
Natasha L on Mar 24, 2017
The interactive, hands-on component should be helpful to my dyslexic student.
Victoria M on Jan 8, 2017
For my dyslexic students.
Mary V on Nov 11, 2016
HS Class
Debra D on Sep 7, 2016
Recommended material from a home schooling organization
Tarese H on Aug 10, 2016
I understand this grammar program is good for right brained learners so we're giving it a try.
Lori R on Jul 19, 2016
I've used the Winston Grammar program in the past and found it to be effective.
Karen A on Jun 13, 2016
This came highly recommended from several of my more experienced homeschool friends. I think this will help my child who doesn't grasp grammar easily.
Elisabeth V on Jun 6, 2016
It was recommended by Cathy Duffy.
Leslie W on Apr 12, 2016
This was recommended by the author of Brave Writer and the author of All About Spelling. Both programs that have worked in my house.
John S on Feb 25, 2016
My 14 year old son has Autism and Dyslexia and this grammar program was recommended to us.
Melissa F on Feb 10, 2016
Suggested to me for dyslexic student.
Amanda B on Dec 28, 2015
Because I have a child with dyslexia.
Journey S on Oct 27, 2015
Used this program when I was homeschooled. Makes grammar easy to understand.
Dasiy G on Oct 16, 2015
Reviews were good.
Christine H on Nov 20, 2018
Used by others at the Children's Dyslexia Centers.
cathy b on Nov 7, 2018
I read that this program will take your student through an entire year of grammar instruction. How is this accomplished if there are only 30 worksheets?
A shopper on May 16, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I had purchased this product (teacher’s manual and student version) and am highly disappointed to say the least. The student workbook comprises of just worksheets, which I could find online myself. The teacher’s manual is not user friendly to me and not as scripted as I’d like to be.

For my grammar curriculum, I am using First Language Lessons book 2, Easy Grammar, and googling for additional information and worksheets to supplement for difficult areas. First Language Lessons is done via oral, but I also want my kids to practice what they’ve learned by using the Easy Grammar workbook. And of course worksheets that I find online for additional help.

I have purchased many curriculums in the past and didn’t realize until recently that it’s difficult to find one that is comprehensive as I’d like to be. So, I am having to use 2 or 3 different ones simultaneously.
what is in this package? is it only the teacher manual? Item #001519. thank you.
A shopper on Apr 12, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Contains 30 student worksheets, pre- and post-tests, teacher's manual, quiz keys, clue cards and noun-function cards.
Does this Winston Grammar pack include everything I need to use with one student or are there other components I need to buy?
A shopper on Dec 5, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Everything you need for the program is in this packet
Does this teach how to diagram sentences?
A shopper on May 8, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No, it does not. However, it is an excellent resource as a precursor to diagramming. Analytical Grammar is a great resource for diagramming.
What year was this reprinted in?
User on Oct 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: My teacher's manual from this package (that was purchased in the summer of 2016) says, "Reprinted in 2015." I hope that helps! :)
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