Inferring (Spotlight on Reading Series)

This series will help improve student reading comprehension and scores on standardized testing by providing practice with the skill of inferencing, which is using context clues to infer meaning. A wide variety of activities are provided, but basically, an interesting text passage is given (or black and white pictures for some of the beginning level activities) and then questions or activities about the passage are provided in a variety of formats. All of the questions require students to draw logical conclusions based on prior knowledge or information that is implied but not directly stated. In beginning levels, students cut out illustrations and paste them into a larger picture where they belong, and then activities progress through the levels to include matching, multiple-choice, short answer, drawing, and short writing activities. The captivating activities will help strengthen this important skill which is often hard for students to master, and it will help improve their comprehension across subject areas as well as improve reading standardized test scores. Answers are provided in the back of the books. 48 pgs, pb. ~Rachel

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