City of God - Augustine

Augustine possessed one of the most brilliant minds in the history of Western civilization. The City of God is a monumental work in which the author represents his view of two cities: the spiritual City of God and the Earthly City. Augustine responds to the accusation that Christianity was to blame for the fall of the Roman Empire.

Memoria Press breaks down this complicated work of literature for parents and their students. Characters are laid out. Scenes are set. Questions are answered. Quizzes are written. Chapters are summarized. This is one of those books that a parent may avoid teaching because it is just too daunting of a task to take on. Let this study guide help make the job easier! The teacher book has all of the answers to the exercises and quizzes and is 312 pages. The student book is about 150 pages, pb. Both study guide pieces are written to correlate with the City of God version edited by Vernon J. Bourke.

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