What's in the Bible DVD Series

As parents we take seriously the Biblical exhortation to teach our children God's Word. Finding creative, fun ways to enrich our lessons may help our families remember and apply what they have been taught. This engaging DVD series seeks to answer common questions kids (and adults!) have about the Bible through humor, animation, creative storytelling and fun songs. In Volume One we are introduced to "Buck Denver" our host for our journey through the most powerful stories of the Bible. Buck walks us through the questions: "Who wrote the Bible?" and "How does it affect our lives?" Part One covers the history of the Bible-what it is and how it is put together and part two shows how God inspired the authors to write the Bible and shows how the first eleven chapters of Genesis sets the stage for the rest of the Bible. Volume Two answers the questions: "Who chose the books in the Bible?" and "What is God's rescue plan and why do we need rescuing?" Part One explains how the Old Testament and New Testament books were chosen to be included in our Bible and dives into the second part of Genesis, showing how God used a family to launch His "rescue plan". Covers Genesis and Exodus. Volume Three focuses on answering: "What is a Pentateuch and why does it have so many rules?" Part One explains why God gave so many rules to Israel and which ones apply to us today. Part Two clarifies the Pentateuch, teaches about Israel's forty year "time-out" (wilderness journey) and helps children discover why we can believe what the Bible says, even if we were not there. Covers the books of Numbers, Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Volume Four takes us through the next three books of the Bible (Joshua, Judges and Ruth.) Part One explores tricky questions about fighting and killing in the Bible and part two shows the misery found during the time of Judges and the romance of Ruth. Volume Five explores 1 and 2 Samuel, focusing on the three influential kings of Israel (Saul, David and Solomon), highlighting on God's promise to David and how this promise impacts the salvation story. In Part One, we see the life of Israel's first King, Saul. Part Two, explores King David and his son, King Solomon. Kids will see what happens when David sins against God and learn that there are consequences to sin. Volume Six looks at the books of Kings and Chronicles. Part One looks at why Israel is split in two, and the prophet Elijah faces off with 450 prophets of Baal to prove that Israel's God is the true God! Part Two explores the unfaithful kings and how they bring about the end of Israel and Judah, but we hear the amazing message Isaiah has in Israel's darkest hour. This is an engaging new series from the creator of the popular Veggie Tales series. I greatly appreciated the effort made in showing how God's Word fits together to tell one story. Additional DVDs will be added to this series as they are available, so please check our website or call us for availability of other

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