Specific Skills Series from SRA

Proven to build comprehension skills successfully for more than 25 years, this series will boost your student's comprehension and enjoyment of reading. The series uses updated reading selections right in the books to build nine essential skills. The skills covered are: word meanings, following directions, using the context, locating the answer, getting the facts, getting the main idea, drawing conclusions, detecting the sequence, and identifying inferences. There is one book per skill per grade tailored for each individual reading level. After each reading selection in the books, there are exercises or questions that test the featured skill. The majority of the exercises take the form of multiple-choice questions so students can work on their national test-taking skills as well. Each book also includes Language Activity pages that ask more open-ended questions about the skill covered. The combination of short reading passages (selected to capture student interest) and exercises that follow the same multiple-choice format promotes rapid skill development. The levels are based on the standard reading levels in grades 1-8. This series has also been shown effective in improving reading and comprehension skills even in slow learners or those who have fallen behind their age group. The books are non-consumable, and students are prompted to write their answers on a separate piece of paper. Each Starter Set includes a Teacher's Manual (which covers the whole series) so if you buy multiple Starter Sets, you will end up with additional Teacher's Manuals. ~ Rachel S.

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