Biblical Worldview (ESV) (Gr. 11-12)

A worldview is the lens through which one views life. That lens can be naturalism, secularism, postmodernism, or many others. This study presents life through the lens of the Bible. Students will learn to apply Creation, Fall and Redemption to real-life issues that they may be facing in high school, and will definitely encounter beyond. This is a Bible-first approach and shows the role of faith in all situations.

The softcover Student Textbook is 471 pages, divided into chapters on worldview, creation, fall, redemption, marriage/gender roles & family, government & politics, science, history, and arts & culture. A memory verse is listed at the beginning of each chapter and vocabulary words with definitions are in the margins. Chapters are divided into numbered sections and each section is rounded out with 'Think it Through' questions. A chapter review sums up the contents, asking students to really think about and apply what they have just learned.

The Student Activity Manual offers written activities that correspond with the content of the text.

The Teacher Edition includes prompts for discussion and objectives that help identify main points for sections and chapters. The Lesson Plan Overview Chart helps plan ahead and how to organize the material. Instructions for guided debates, group activities, writing assignments, and current events research are also included.

This curriculum is now available in either the ESV or the KJV Bible editions of te. The content remains the same, but you can choose the Bible version you prefer. Biblical Worldview will guide students to apply Scripture to life issues and grow spiritually. ~ Donna

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