Proverbs (Gr. 9-12)

This study of Proverbs is not only well done, it's the kind of book you want to hold and peruse for its texture and inviting allure. Positive Action for Christ has written a study that will prepare your high schooler for what lays beyond the high school years, by helping lay the foundation for wisdom and character. This 35 lesson study is completely focused on wisdom and its life-application. Charles Bridges said of Proverbs and the young, "It takes them as it were by the hand, sets up way-marks to warn against coming danger and imminent temptations, and allures them into the bright ways of God by the most engaging motives." The first eight lessons prepare the student for the remainder of the book, which focuses on the Christian walk and fruits of the spirit, and their relationship with others. There will be reading, discussion topics, and note-taking during the instructor's lecture. An optional indexing activity encourages the student to categorize the topics in Proverbs using chapter and verse, which can be a helpful tool for future reference. Opportunities for assessment are provided through quizzes and tests. In every lesson there is a short amount of reading and an application section for the student. It is followed by a teacher lesson in which the student fills in notes as the parent/teacher speaks. 'Developing the ideas' is the closing section of the lesson and includes memory work and project suggestions to put the new lesson in practice. The teacher CD-ROM contains PDF files of valuable information. It not only includes answers in small format student pages, but offers grading rubrics, further explanation of the program, and the lecture portion on which the student is to take notes in their book.

This would be a great study to do with a group of students because of the discussion opportunities. If you do this study one-on-one, you could use the questions as a family discussion time. This is a study to benefit your high school student or even you as a parent - it's that good!

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