McCall-Crabbs Standard Test Lessons

Practice reading comprehension and test taking with this series of reading tests. Each book contains a total of sixty short (half-page or less) reading selections followed by eight multiple choice questions. These books employ a reading level determination called a G-score (not a standard evaluation method) with which you can estimate your student's reading level. It is based on the selection and how many of the eight questions were answered correctly. To properly estimate, however, you must give your child a three-minute time period with which to complete the reading and the test. Reading selections are both fictional and non-fictional accounts. The pack of 30 bubble-format answer sheets is no longer available in print format, but you can download a PDF of the sheet below. This can be used for any of the McCall-Crabbs Standard Test Lesson books and makes it easy to give students a score for each lesson and for the entire book. The answer key contains an introduction, directions for use, an explanation of the G-score system and answers for all six books. ~ Megan

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