21st Century Lifeskills Mathematics

This series of books enables students to practice their math skills using concepts and examples from real life situations. Each book contains eight units comprised of a preview of concepts, five lessons, and a review of what was learned. One of the lessons in each unit is a game to be played alone or with others. All other lessons are generally two pages long with a number of word problems, based on the topic of the unit, allowing the student to practice a number of mathematical concepts. At the end of each lesson is a challenge problem requiring a more thoughtful than mathematical approach to the answer and allowing for discussion of the lesson concept with the teacher or other students. These books do not explain or teach the mathematical concepts (although broken down solutions to the first example problem are given), but rather use word problems based on real world math as a vehicle for practice. These problems are a great introduction of real world math students will be faced with when dealing with shopping, financing more expensive goods, and banking. Answers can be found in the back of the book. Pb. 110 pgs each. ~ Alissa

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