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When he was younger, one of my brother's favorite games used to be "plus or minus", in which I'd have to come up with an addition or subtraction problem for him to answer off the top of my head. This game could go on for hours. These flashcards would have been a real help back then. Each set includes 86 double-sided flashcards. The cards measure 3.25" x 5.25". The four basic operation sets are different colors, so you can combine sets (suppose you want to practice both addition and subtraction) and then easily re-separate. ~ Anh

038194 Addition (K)

Practices simple single- and double-digit addition

038201 Division (3)

Practices divisors up to 12

038718 Multiplication (2)

Practices times tables up to 12

038783 Multiplication War (2-6)

Practices times tables up to 9. Played like the classic war card game, in which the card with the highest product wins the hand. Please note that these cards are not double-sided.

038878 Subtraction (K)

Practices simple single- and double-digit subtraction

038929 Time and Money (1)

Learn to read analog clocks (up to 5 minute intervals) and how to identify and add coins and bills

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