Hot Dots Learn-to-Solve Word Problems Set

If you like Hot Dots but want something more challenging, these sets might be just what your child needs for hands-on learning fun! Each set contains 40 double-sided large format (8"x 8") cards and are packaged in a very sturdy cardboard storage box. Each card presents a story problem and several questions and illustrations that act as prompts or clues for solving the problem. Use the Hot Dots Pen (sold separately) to choose correct answers and solve the word problem. Hot Dots provide students with an independent, self-checking system of practice with word problems - a skill that isn't always easy. The multi-sensory feedback offered by the Hot Dots products help kids learn and remember concepts in a whole new way. Both sets include the skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding, estimating, number properties, fractions, decimals, money, time, length, weight, temperature, geometry, congruency, symmetry, patterns & functions, graphs & data, and probability at grade appropriate levels.

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Item # 031879
Grades: 4-6
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Our Price: $17.50
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