Thinking Kids' Math Analogies

Analogies, what are they - 'up is to down as on is to off' or 'one hour is to 60 minutes as one minute is to 60 seconds.' These are just a few of examples of math analogies which fall under the category of critical thinking skills and are found on many standardized tests. These may seem simple to some, but can be very difficult for others. This series is designed to help your elementary students get a grasp on the relationships of analogies by providing short practices in the areas of number & operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis & probability.

Three levels of practice are offered in each area - basic, intermediate, and advanced. Before beginning these books students need to be familiar with the format of an analogy and how to interpret them, because this is a practice book and doesn't offer instruction on the topic. 60 reproducible pages of practice in each book offer 3 problems per page in first grade, 4 problems per page in second, and 5 problems per page beginning with third and up. Pages are marked with one, two, or three stars to indicate the skill level, so you know which to use with your learner. One star is basic and involves beginning skills only. Two stars indicate intermediate and incorporate both logic and grade-level equivalent analogies and skills. Three stars indicate more logic-based analogies with challenging skills. The 3 different levels allow students to progress within their own grade level, and also take into account that children develop at different rates. Very detailed answer keys are included in the back of the book and offer not just the answer but an explanation. Thinking Kids' Math Analogies will help your student understand number relationships, problem-solving, and practice higher-order thinking skills through the exercises provided. This series can be added to your curriculum in just minutes a day and value will be priceless. ~ Donna

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