Words Every Grader Needs to Know

These books are beneficial for giving students extra practice in using academic vocabulary. For example, words such as larva, thesaurus, and rural, which are subject-specific that students rarely encounter every day, will be taught in these workbooks. Organized by content area, the workbooks begin with a list of important words related to a subject. The students read the list and evaluate their knowledge of each word. Next are Explore a Word activities, which are activities that students focus on one word at a time, making their own associations. Following are Compare a Word activities, showing how two associated words might be alike and different in their meaning. Additionally, Making Connections are activities using several of the words in different contexts, helping students realize the relationship between specific words. Finally, Play with Words activities are one-page fun activities providing even more connections. There are 180 words in each book, which have been selected to match National Education Standards in the curriculum areas. This is a great vocabulary study that provides helpful tools for students desiring to learn and sharpen their skills. Answers are included in the back of the book. ~ Gina

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