Big Book of Earth & Sky

Master Books has done it again! This wonderful resource is brought to us by the same people as the popular Big Book of History. Surveying the earth and sky from core to outer atmosphere, this "big book" is more like a large wall chart, unfolding to 15 feet long. The twenty-one panels can be viewed individually or conveniently hung on the wall for a comprehensive display. Topics include Earths core, fossil formations and the geological column from a catastrophic flood perspective, crystals and rocks, oceans, erosions, fossils and coal, caves, the water cycle, clouds, tallest mountains and atmospheres. Engagingly illustrated, this wall chart beckons children to dive deeper into the planet we call home. The panels are well-organized with interesting textual information and colorful illustrations. The Teacher Guide is available as a download or printed for your convenience for a nominal cost. It includes vocabulary lists and activities correlating to themes presented in the book including an introductions to speleology (caves), oceanography, meteorology, and paleontology. Activities vary and include biblical connections, mapping activities, hands-on models, additional science activities, and fill in the blank and short answer quizzes. Also includes a subject and related key panel chart, answer key and recommended resources for additional reading. ~Deanne

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Grades: 2-7
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