Guinness World Records Reading

Looking for a high interest, yet solid reading comprehension workbook? This may be exactly what you are looking for. Correlated with common core state, national and provincial reading standards, these fascinating passages may have your children begging to work on their reading comprehension! There are five themed units within each book: Amazing Animals, Engineering, Science and The Body, Earth Extremes, Game Time and the Wild Wacky and Weird (my personal favorite!) Each passage is one page in length and covers a world record holder within that category. Following the passage are questions that focus on basic skills which include: Recall, Summary, Main Ideas and Conclusions. Questions then progress in difficulty (based upon Bloom's Taxonomy) to focus on higher level thinking skills. Vocabulary words are in bold print and follow up questions focus on definitions and usage. Also included are extension activities and each unit concludes with review puzzles and games. Please note: from a secular publisher and includes evolutionary dating. SC with 128 perforated pages. Reproducible, answer key included. ~ Deanne

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