Word Family Fiesta

Set aside those phonics practice workbooks and have a phonics fiesta! I just love the fun format and pi?ata theme of this game. Briefly, up to four players each choose a word family card to place on a colorful pi?ata on the board. Players then take turns drawing a beginning sound card, blending that sound with their word family, and determining whether it makes an actual word. If so, the player will put the card on one of their candy spaces on the board. The first player to fill all of her candy spaces wins. Suited to learning, it's not a highly competitive game, but an enjoyable context to build words in and tailor them to the phonograms you are teaching (since you can control the pool of word families). For home use, I would use some inanimate "friends" (dolls or stuffed animals) to round out the players, giving each their own word family. Then, each one could take a "turn" with non-words passing to the next player until someone's candy space got filled. Your child will get plenty of decoding and blending practice while rooting for their "favorite" friend. Level 1 includes 48 2- to 3-letter word families and 96 beginning sound (single letter, blends and digraphs) cards. Level 2 progresses to 4-letter word families. See our website for a list of word families included at each level.

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