Tutoring Children in Reading & Writing

This two-book series guides parents in teaching children to read in the context of literacy in general rather than teaching phonics as a disparate skill. Children are taught how to handle books properly, alphabetize, and participate in storytelling, for example, right along with distinguishing letter sounds, learning short and long vowel sounds, and sounding out r-controlled vowels. It assumes the parent is tutoring the child at home, so activities are geared to that dynamic. Each volume systematically breaks down the literacy processes into steps. For each, it asks parents questions to determine child readiness and/or alerts them to opportunities for teaching these skills through everyday family life or a series of preparatory activities. Often, worksheets are provided for the student to complete after the interactive teaching. Lest I steer you wrong, phonics is at the core of this program; it's just integrated with other important skills that are requisite for true literacy-skills like writing, listening, and comprehension. All of the phonics skills are here, just not as intensely (or individually) delivered as in a more conventional phonics program. For example, short vowels are taught all together rather than the "normal" focus on each separately. While perhaps a little "light" for a standalone phonics program, this program would be ideal for use by parents who are not homeschooling their children but want to help them become better readers and writers at home.

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