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Caution! If you buy one of these you will likely be buying more! I was mesmerized watching the Big Boats and Busy Harbors. What is so fascinating about watching people work? The beginning of these 30-minute videos show bits from others in the series, which is quite enticing. The host is informative, but aware of his audience, so kids will find the topics fascinating. In my sample video, the host shared about oceans and continents and how ships bring goods like coal from far away. Watch as the coal is loaded and unloaded onto ships and tugboats turn a huge freighter in a tight harbor. You don't just see the machines working, you see the operators waving to the camera. I like how this lets children know that a person is in that big dump truck and running that giant magnet hanging from a crane. Scenes switch between the host and machines working set to upbeat music. As many processes are interrelated, the host referred to the video called Where the Garbage Goes when he explained that the chopped up metal was being shipped to China to be recycled, which nicely leads in to other topics. I bet that your kids will want to watch these again and again! ~ Sara

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Grades: PK-3
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