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Learning to program may seem daunting, but CompuScholar (formerly Homeschool Programming), has created courses that make it understandable and approachable. Anyone with average computer skills can work through these courses. One of the most helpful things about this series is that each thing you do is represented with pictures of what your program looks like, without being too simplistic. The introductions are very informational; anything you could have trouble with is neatly outlined. Another handy feature is that it doesnt force you into any complicated situations; it follows a very logical step-by-step tutorial for ease of learning. Another great thing is that all the methods, variables, and "techy things" are introduced as you use them, making it all much easier to follow and remember.

All courses are 1-year subscriptions to online course content. When you purchase an online course, you will receive one pair of teacher/student coupon codes, which you can then activate on CompuScholar (please note that one-year subscriptions start when course is activated). Each course is designed to be used with one student. Additional student licenses may be purchased directly from CompuScholar after the initial course code has been activated.

The online format offers several nice features including full-color lesson texts, streaming instructional videos, auto-graded quizzes and tests, and an electronic gradebook. Another advantage includes the ability for the publisher to make immediate updates, ensuring that all students have up-to-date information. The instructional videos are an integral part of the program.

Course topics available include: computer fundamentals (Digital Savvy), web design, Windows programming, game programming, Java programming and Android Programming. This is a good self-study starter series for anyone wanting to begin a hobby or looking at a career in programming.

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Grades: 4-12
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