39 Clues Series

The 39 Clues is a set of four written by a combination of authors. Based in present time, the series weaves together adventure, famous historical events, people, and geography. In the first series, The Clue Hunt, Amy and Dan Cahill are given a choice after their grandmothers death a million dollars as inheritance, or a single clue that could lead to a greater fortune--and a much greater danger. Enticed by adventure, they take the clue and embark on a journey around the world, traveling from place to place, seeking the 39 clues to reveal the treasure that is their true inheritance. Each of the 11 books comes with 6 game cards that reveal important information about the Cahills and unlock a Clue!

The second series Cahills vs. Vespers, takes place 2 years after the clue hunt and introduces you to a deadly enemy hiding in the shadows. Your mission is to stop the Vespers before the world pays the price!

The third series, Unstoppable, brings Dan and Amy in the race for their lives to combat a deadly serum and find the antidote.

In the final series, Doublecross, a sinister man, the Outcast, is recreating four of historys worst disasters, challenging Amy and Dan to find and stop the tragedies before its too late.

To enhance the adventure, Game cards with online codes are available to play an interactive game at the publisher website. Books and series should be read in order. pb. ~ Mark/Deanne

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