Fashionable Fun: How to Draw Fashions

While books abound for younger children learning to draw household pets and simple objects, there's not as much available for older, aspiring artists and fashion designers to learn the basics of fashion drawing. These books, cleverly packaged as "design folders", hold an instructional how-to-draw book and a 32-page sketchbook. Two books are available, one which focuses on casual and sportswear and one that gets into fancier, more formal creations. The instructional books take a step-by-step approach to drawing the fashion figures, with most pages starting with a head, neck and torso then adding on legs, arms, clothes, and finishing off by enhancing small details on the clothes, hair and accessories. Although most of the models are women, there are a couple men as well. After drawing their way through the books, students will have drawn enough poses, hairstyles, and clothing items to start creating their own combinations! - Jess

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