Airfix Model Kits Historical Figure Sets

As a kid, and even through my teenage years, my favorite pastime was assembling model kits: airplanes, tanks, cars, ships, motorcycles, soldiers, trucks, buildings, and diorama battle scenes - in all, I constructed over 300 models for my collection. Airfix was one of my favorite brands to buy, as their selections are unique, high in quality, have good prices, and go together very well. So, I was very excited when we had the opportunity to add the following models to our catalog - they are highly detailed and are a fantastic way to include a hands-on, somewhat artistic component to any history program. Admittedly, they will probably appeal mostly to boys, but this has not always been my experience (my younger sister usually showed an interest when we could work together on a project). The soldier figures do not require any assembly or glue, and can be painted or left in their molded-plastic colors, which vary from set to set between tan, gray, green, or brown. Outposts, airfield sets, bridges, vehicles, planes, and dioramas will require paint and glue and perhaps some supervision as a craft knife will be needed to trim pieces from the molding trees. The outposts and dioramas pay great attention to detail by including all sorts of peripheral items (such as sandbags, barrels, road signs, logs, bicycles, and the like) that add life to each particular scene. I would often add things of my own by stopping by the model train section of the hobby store and picking up trees, grass, sand, gravel, and other things that could be painted or glued into place to add even more realism. You can really let your imagination and creativity enhance the historical aspects of these kits - especially when you start to combine different sets into larger scenes. Available in several scale sizes. 1:72 scale figures are about 1" tall when standing and 1:32 figures are 2"-2 1/4" when standing. - Zach

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Grades: 4-AD
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