Vocabulary Their Way

This program will teach vocabulary, but also how they work in context. Identify 30 Latin and Greek roots & word families; use context clues to decode new words; learn words in subject areas like math/science/social studies (domain-specific) and general academic vocabulary (30 total); and practice applying new words in writing & speaking. Each student book has 60 lessons with short lists of words (10 total, on average). Students will read a paragraph or so to read about the topic (this may be word parts & meanings, general info, or subject-specific vocab for example). Several examples demonstrate the concept. Each level includes a word part list and a glossary with pronunciation, part-of-speech, definitions, usage examples, etymology and special word forms. They will also learn how to use text clues and to consult resource material. The student text provides clues to meaning, thinking questions, helps to use context clues, and an Apply and Extend activity in which students are asked to do a variety of activities. For example, they may have to write a riddle for one of the words, think of other meanings not given, identify synonyms and define the shades of differences in meaning, use a word from the word list as both a noun and an adjective, etc. The non-consumable student book includes some instruction. The lessons are short and to the point. A review lesson occurs every 6th week. A glossary and a root word reference in the back are used in several lessons and make a helpful resource for students in general. For each lesson, the Teacher Book provides lesson objectives, materials, application and practice, and a weekly vocabulary routine (to define, demonstrate and apply). Additional Teacher Resources include a comprehensive word list, morphological elements and generative words, general academic words, and lists of words that are subject specific in Science, Social Studies, ELA and Math and 60 pages of differentiated learning options for helping struggling, not native speakers and advanced readers. Not reproducible. Meets current Common Core National Standards. Student books are about 183pp, teacher books are 225pp. ~ Sara

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