Discoveries in Reading Program

Almost 20 years ago, when I was just starting to homeschool my oldest child, I enrolled her in Calvert School. When our school books arrived, I was intrigued that everything I needed was included - right down to the wooden ruler (which we still have) and the fat, chunky pencils. This same thoroughness characterizes the Discoveries in Reading program. Levels 1-5 come with a wide range of books (20, 20, 15, 14, and 15 respectively, per level) that introduce the reader to literature, biography, and poetry. These selections reinforce and enrich the teaching of reading as well as the understanding of language. Activities are designed to extend learning and develop critical-thinking skills. There is also a poster-sized map to color (along with crayons and self-adhesive stars) allowing your child to track his progress. Everything is packaged in a fun carrying case. Levels 6-8 are divided into semester packages and feature classic novels, modern novels, and historical readings. The Lesson Manuals at these middle-school levels are worktexts written directly to the student. Way back when, I appreciated the comprehensiveness of the Calvert teacher manuals. They've only improved with the years. The Lesson Manuals are well laid out, easy to follow, and packed with just the right amount of suggested activities. In the first grade manual for instance, one lesson presents a summary of the book - in this case a poem, a listing of themes, reading suggestions, questions and connections, field trip suggestions (visit a local planetarium or rent a video about stars) and an enrichment activity (pick a constellation and draw it). Activity sheets (not reproducible) for this lesson include: matching, writing a short poem, and forming rhyming words. The 7b manual features self-directed pre- and post-reading activities and a journal designed to develop analytical skills. Activities include reading, writing, art/fine art, drama, field trips, music exploration, internet research and film-watching. Anyone looking for a well-balanced, well-organized, easy-on-the-teacher, yet challenging reading program should give serious consideration to these courses. ~ Janice

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