Bananagrams! Puzzle Books

Word game fanatics, take heart! Even if your family and friends decide they've had enough, you can keep the word play going with the variety of challenges in these fun puzzle books. Both Bananagrams!, More Bananagrams! and 10-Minute Bananagrams include over 550 puzzles, while Bananagrams! for Kids includes 130. The newest addition to the line, Bananagrams On-the-Go, has over 600 new puzzles in a pocket-sized format. All puzzles feature depictions of the ivory-like tiles from the game, and blank spaces for your answers. You definitely won't get bored - some puzzles ask you to use all of the "tiles" given to make a crossword, while others ask you to build words from the tiles given, or change a letter in a word to make a new word. Puzzles are rated by number of bananas - the more bananas, the more challenging! Bananagrams! also includes a list of "Weords" or odd words that come in handy during word games. Bananagrams!, More Bananagrams! and 10-Minute Bananagrams are digest-size to fit into a tote or backpack, while the Kids version is larger, with larger illustrated tiles and blank spaces as well. Answers included for all puzzles. - Jess

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Grades: 1-AD
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Grades: 1-4
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