Seek & Play Puzzles

Young children will be entertained for hours as they search for objects "hidden" within these bright, colorful puzzles. Each 24-piece puzzle features colorful cartoon scenes with children, animals and objects interacting in a busy setting. For example, the "Fun at the Farm" puzzle shows families picking pumpkins, children playing soccer, and ducks swimming in a pond. These puzzles are not only fun to put together-they include educational activities, too! Each puzzle comes with 48 colorful activity cards that challenge students to find objects within the puzzle while exercising critical thinking skills. The cards include activities for language arts, math, social studies, and science, plus a comprehensive 8-page resource guide. Some examples of the activity card questions are: "Find something that begins with C," "Can you find 2 people holding cotton candy?" and "Can you find 4 pink pigs?" Each individual puzzle piece measures approximately 4 ¼", and a full color game mat is included. ~ Lisa

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