OgoSport Sports Disks

The design is so simple, yet you can use these lightweight, oh-so-grippable sports disks in so many ways! It's like holding a little trampoline in your hands; just use 'em to fling or catch balls - even water balloons - up to 150 feet! Don't have a ball? Use the disk like a Frisbee - it flies pretty well! In the pool? Guess what - they float too! I can't even begin to imagine all the fun pool games you could play... The OgoSport disks' design is great for young kids or adults, and it's more open-ended than a racket, mitt or water balloon launcher. Young kids can even play by themselves, developing hand-eye coordination as they bounce and catch balls. Try one or two! I have no doubt you'll find hundreds of uses for them! Sports Disks are 15" in diameter, and both the Single and Super include one OgoSoft ball. - Jess

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Item # 024052
Grades: 3-AD
Retail: $21.99
Our Price: $17.50
Item # 047024
Grades: PK-AD
Retail: $39.99
Our Price: $32.50
Item # 047023
Grades: PK-AD
Retail: $3.49
Our Price: $3.25
Item # 062168
Grades: 1-AD
Retail: $11.99
Our Price: $10.50
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