Golden Filly Series

With so many choices for horsey-fiction when you are a younger or tween reader, sometimes it feels like loving horses is something you're supposed to outgrow! If you are like me, however, and looking for something a little more grown up to read, with Christian content and a great storyline, you'll love this series. It was one of my favorites when I was a teenager with a passion for horses and a voracious appetite for reading. This series follows a 16- year old girl named Trish as she becomes a jockey, helps train horses on her family farm, struggles with her father's battle with cancer, juggles school and riding and grows into a responsible and God-fearing adult. Many readers will identify with Trish's struggles and choices, her difficulties that she faces and how she chooses to handle them. And through it all are the horses she loves as she trains, rides, foals and more. The ten book set has been conveniently and economically combined into two thick 600+ page collections. ~ Megan

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