Ed Emberley's Picture Pie

Ed Emberley always makes art easier for young artists. With these unique art books, anyone can create absolutely adorable and beautiful art. The premise is simple - just take a single shape, the circle, and combine it with other circles or pieces of a circle (pie, anyone?), to create a work of art. The books have very little text in them; they contain mostly illustrations. The illustrations are broken down step by step to get you started and inspire you to create your own objects. You can create with colored paper, patterned paper, fabric, even wood and metal if you have the right tools! For the basics, all you need are a compass, markers, colored paper and glue. The second book in the series builds upon the first by adding another shape - the square - and includes a stencil to aid in your creations. Pb, 30-40 pgs. ~ Megan

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