Drawing, Painting & Sculpting Horses

Another fabulous art book by Visual Manna. My opinion is not biased by my bias on the subject covered, however. Drawing horses can be a challenge, especially drawing them realistically and/or in motion. This book distills the process into learnable portions - focusing on one piece on a time. Heads, legs, tails, shading, etc. are all covered separately with practice and tips given on each. Practice is even done on the anatomically correct horse - drawing bones and muscles. Many helpful tips are given on art materials and on how to simplify some of the exercises for younger artists. Encouragement and Biblical references are frequent throughout the book. As stated in the name, tips and lessons are not merely in how to draw horses, but also how to shade, paint, and sculpt horses. Lessons range from drawing serious realistic pictures to drawing a funny comic strip with comic strip horses. Interesting horse facts, cultural information, and many pictures are sprinkled throughout the book. A must for the horse lover in your family! ~ Megan

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Grades: 5-AD
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