Blessing Charts

Positive character traits dont usually come naturally to children, so having a chart that will remind them of specific traits and give them rewards is a simple way to keep them in mind. Each of these charts lists 10 traits: cheerfulness/thankfulness, peacemaking, truthfulness, obedience, submissive to authority/honoring, pleasant words/wise speech, reverence in church, kindness/gentleness/mercy, diligence, and giving/sharing. A little illustration is presented next to each trait to add some visual appeal to the chart. The next column of the chart lists a few Bible verses that mention the trait and show children that the trait is important to God and exemplifying it will lead to blessings. The last column of the chart is blank so you can mark off when the trait is demonstrated or list an award children will get for showing it. We carry two versions of the chart. The smaller, color version is 8.5" x 11" and is laminated, so you can write and rewrite on it with a dry-erase marker. The back of this chart lists uses for the chart, as well as good reward ideas.

The larger version measures 16" x 22", is now in color, and is not laminated. It includes a separate sheet that gives the same information as the back of the laminated chart. There are no blanks for recording on the larger chart and "reverence in church" and "kindness, gentleness, mercy" have been replaced by "kindness, mercy" and "self-control, gentleness, meekness." A great way to remind kids of the importance of being Christ like. ~Rachel

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