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Preparing our kids for life/college is one of a parent's major goals in homeschooling. We make sure we cover things like math and composition, but we often wrestle with whether or not we have done all we can to disciple our children and build into them a strong biblical and Christian worldview. These two DVD series (and others we expect in the future from TrueU) will give them tools for understanding and confronting the philosophical challenges to that worldview that adulthood will throw at them.

Imagine a college classroom setting and a professor who is able to make complicated topics understandable and, at the same time, draw students into the discussion and answer questions and objections articulately. Choose a professor who earned his doctorate from Cambridge University, who has written a respected book (Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design), and who is a compelling communicator. Then you'll begin to get an idea of the value of Focus on the Family's TrueU series (from the creators of The Truth Project), featuring Dr. Stephen Meyer.

Does God Exist? (a 10-part video series) begins by laying the groundwork for Faith and Reason in the opening session; other lessons include the Big Bang Cosmology (3 sessions), DNA by Design (3 sessions), the Return of the God Hypothesis, and the Moral Necessity of Theism (2 sessions). Dr. Meyer approaches knotty scientific questions from a perspective of inferring to the best explanation and insists that we have to look at multiple hypotheses and determine which hypothesis best fits the evidence. These become excellent tools in the student's arsenal; actually, they're tools that I'm happy to now have at my disposal.

Is the Bible Reliable? continues with the same lecture/dialogue format but the topics focus on the many good and sound reasons for considering the Bible to be a solid foundation upon which to build one's life and philosophy. As Dr. Meyer states, "the heart cannot exalt in what the mind rejects."

Each session is about 30 minutes long. The Discussion Guide is a small book that provides an overview of each lecture. The DVD Set includes both the DVDs and the Discussion Guide. Hosted by Dave Stotts, (the enthusiastic narrator from Drive Thru History) the overall presentation quality is professionally excellent. [Please note that Dr. Meyer references an origins timetable most commonly used in academia and the scientific community. It is not the intention of this series to dismiss the arguments for a more recent creation but to prepare students for this longer framework because it is the one with which they will be forced to deal.] ~ Janice

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