Life of Christ From the Gospel of John (Gr. 9-12)

Jesus Christ is acknowledged to be the most influential person to have walked this earth. In fact, to know Him, to be like Him, is the goal of earnest Christians everywhere. The foremost means of attaining this goal is through studying and considering His life, His deeds, and His teachings - in essence, His person. The Gospel of John is the perfect account to use for this purpose. John has considerable focus on who Jesus is, while the other three Gospels are more of an account of what He did. This study works through John with the following objectives for students: to see His brilliance, to know His compassion, to marvel at His courage and power, experience sorrow over His death, and to rejoice in His resurrection. This is accomplished through a pairing of the student book and the teacher's manual, which go hand-in-hand for a full, complete study of the person of Jesus.

The Student Book gives a textual introduction for the section of John studied in each lesson followed by a consumable Q&A section, a fill-in-the-blank bullet list of notes that summarize the lesson from the teacher's manual, and a "Digging Deeper" section of activities and in-depth studies for students to complete. It also includes a scripture memorization recommendation for each of the 35 chapters. The Teacher's Manual contains the instructional information for the course - as a companion to the Gospel of John, of course - so it is required to complete the study. It also contains the entire student book in reduced and corrected format, and has instructions, objectives, discussion points, and teaching points for each lesson. While this study can be used at whatever speed best suits the student, the teacher's manual includes plans for 3-, 4-, and 5-day-a-week, year-long schedules. Quizzes, unit tests, maps, reading lists, and charts are also included. Works with any Bible translation. - Zach

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