Christian Adventure (Gr. 9-AD)

The Christian Adventure begins for your student as they do an in depth study of Pilgrim's Progress and take a walk with Christian, the main character of the story, through the adventures of being a believer.

Although written as a 10th grade Bible study, this can be used at the junior high level, with a combined group 7-12, or even use it alongside the book of Pilgrim's Progress as a literature study. Each chapter begins with a reading from Pilgrim's Progress (excerpt is included in the book). There is a bit of work to be done by the student before the lesson is taught in order for them to get the most from the teaching/lecture time. Charts and diagrams are found in the student book to help them focus on the point of the lesson and it should be filled in and studied for the quiz which will be taken at the end of each lesson. Application activities are included to help students develop, think about, and apply the principles from the lesson. Scripture passages are taken from the KJV, but students could use other versions with little difficulty.

The content is broken down into 35 lessons and the teacher manual CD-ROM includes options for a 3, 4, or 5 day a week format. Other items found on this CD-ROM in PDF. files are lessons, lesson quizzes and answers, unit tests and answers, a scripture memory program which includes 2 passages per lesson, and small-format student pages with answers.

This meaty study is relevant to the obstacles faced by young people today, and will prepare them with scripture and understanding to face life with confidence. ~ Donna

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