Circle C Series

Andrea Carter loves horses, and loves ranch life with her family. However, life is less than ideal since the loss of her father as a young girl, and Andi struggles with the authority given to her older brother. Set in the Wild West in the late 1800s, this Christian fiction series follows Andi from young girlhood to becoming a young woman. There are 4 different series, set at different reading levels. The author has also thoughtfully provided downloadable literature unit study guides and activities for each series on her website, You can also find spiral-bound, printed Enrichment Guides or Activity Pages books on our website with all literature activities in one bound book. Each Enrichment Guide or Activity Pages guide covers one series of books.

The Circle C Beginner books start out with Andi at six, desperately wanting a horse of her own. Can she show her family that she can be responsible even if it’s not her natural tendency? In each book, Andi learns an important lesson. Each book contains 10 short chapters, ~75 pgs, pb.

In the Circle C Stepping Stones series, Andi is now nine years old. She is growing in responsibility as she cares for her horse Taffy. They have lots of adventures together, but she still experiences struggles to heed instructions, especially when they come from her big brother. Books have approximately 12 chapters and are ~100 pgs, pb.

Now 12 years old in the Circle C Adventures books, Andi still has a penchant for finding adventure…and trouble! Andi and Taffy always seem to get a little more than they bargained for and have to learn many lessons the hard way. These are about 18 chapters, ~ 140 pgs, pb.

The final series, Circle C Milestones, covers Andi’s life on the ranch starting at age 14. She is growing into a fine young horsewoman, but still has a thirst for adventure! Her relationships with family and friends continue to challenge her to grow. Each book has about 26 chapters, ~175 pgs, pb. ~ Megan

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