Pure Foundations

There comes that difficult time as your child is growing up that he/she starts to ask some difficult questions like "Why do boys look different than girls?" or "How did that baby get in your tummy (and how does it get out)?" Although it can be uncomfortable, you want to give your children the best information, coming from you and a Godly perspective rather than other children, teachers or anyone else. These books provide a good foundation for your youngest children. You can simply read them to your child, and they explain the basics in a simple and easy-to-understand, yet informative way. The books discuss the differences between boys and girls, how babies are formed, how a baby grows inside a mother's tummy, how the baby is born, adoption and families. God is mentioned frequently throughout the text and applicable verses are included. The books are written well to gain and keep a child's interest without being childish and should provide answers to some of those tough questions that you may be unsure how to answer! Both books provide roughly the same information, at different levels of comprehension. Each book is hc, 32 and 47 pgs, respectively. ~ Megan

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